Saturday, October 2, 2010

NCAA Football Week 5

OUCH! So that's how it feels to have a losing week huh? Well that sucked. 2-3 against the spread won't cut it. But we're in this for the long haul. And on the season we're 10-5. Fair to say some of us are reconsidering our gambling strategies (you listening Uniballer?). The good news is this is a fun week for college football. And at the Sport Stew we don't shy away from calling the big games. So here we go with getting back on the winning track.

Oklahoma -4 Red River Rivalry baby! Lost a little luster after UCLA smoked Texas last week, but I think the bigger thing to consider is how the Sooners show up against "Big Games". Maybe it's too much stock in the Florida St ass kicking or how bad Texas looked against the Bruins. But I can't imagine this game is even close and it's only 4 pts! Sooners win big.

NC State +3 I just can't get past how bad Va Tech has looked against any competition this year. Or maybe I've had too much to drink during the tailgate this morning. I know nothing about NC State, but I'm on the band wagon (for this game at least). Va Tech has to prove it before we put any trust back in them. I feel really weird about this one....but go Wolfpack!

Oregon -6 There is a lot of love out there for Stanford, but I say it's no big deal to beat Notre Dame again this year. Oregon gets the game at home, at night, and at one of the coolest scenes in college football. The Ducks seem to dominate at home and especially at night in big games with a national television audience. Quack!

Texas Tech -4.5 Ok, I know this isn't a big game but it's gambling damn it and Iowa St hasn't let me down yet....or rather they continue to suck just enough to never cover. This has nothing to do with Texas Tech and everything to do with betting against the Cyclones continues to be a sure thing.

Iowa -7 Continuing the the theme to pick all the Iowa games this year, it's hard to go against the Hawks at home. And surprisingly they have owned Penn St. I think it's going to be an ugly game most of the way but Iowa's defense will dominate. The one wild card is as always Ricki Stanzi. He can make the Hawks roll or he can be the best player for Penn St. Avoid turnovers and Iowa covers the 7. Go Hawks!

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