Friday, December 28, 2012

Big 10 Bowl Outlook

The college football bowl season begins tonight if you're a Big 10 fan with Minnesota being the first of the seven conference teams to see action. It looks like it could be a long week, although, as every Big 10 team is the underdog in their game. Here are the lines as of this afternoon...

Texas Tech -13.5 Minnesota
TCU -2.5 Michigan St
Oklahoma St -17.5 Purdue
Miss St -1.5 Northwestern

South Carolina -7 Michigan
Georgia -10.5 Nebraska
Stanford -7 Wisconsin

There are definitely an couple of blowouts there, in fact we didn't even realize that Purdue qualified for a bowl, and hopefully a couple of victories. The Badgers seem like a good upset candidate. Either way it's going to a tough road for the Big 10 in the Bowl games and it may be time to move onto the hoops season as that's looking very promising.