Saturday, October 30, 2010

NCAA Week 9 Roadblock Saturday

Well since my partner in crime didn't have a chance to pick games today, I'm going to fill in and throw my picks out there. Well for the afternoon games. Stupid real jobs anyway. Sorry Woody for stealing your thunder, but it will only help your average. You'll thank me later. The media has deemed this Roadblock Saturday. Think of me as a stick of dynamite. Enough of the ridiculous self-hype, here's my picks...

Oregon St -3 How can you go against the Beavers? At home? You can't. The Beavers are a gusty team that never quits and you have to love going for the 2 pt conversion at Washington in OT for the win. That builds character. I have Beaver Fever.

Michigan St +6.5 I'm continuing the tradition of picking the Iowa game. Just like last week's Iowa-Wisconsin, this line really confuses me. What do the expects know that I don't? Well Iowa's kicking team is crap. Their special teams are crap. I think Iowa wins a close game but can't cover.

Oregon -6.5 This has to be the toughest game left for the Ducks. USC has had the bye week to help prepare for the mass chaos known as the Ducks offense. The Trojan defense is bad. Oregon will score alot of points. USC has a talented passing game and will score frequently also but not enough. They cant keep pace with Oregon's 55 pts per game.

Michigan -3 The Wolverines visit Happy Value hopefully for the white out night game. Penn St has been riddled by mistakes recently. Here's a simple game plan for JoePa. Michigan's defense is atrocious and you have Royster. Run him and then run him alot more. Royster should become PSU all time rusher after the game. Michigan's spread offense will showcase the holes on the Lion defense. I expect a high scoring game. Should be fun to watch.

Hawaii -14.5 My final pick is like a yummy late night ice cream sundae. It's a really late game, 11:30 CST, to wrap up the weekend. If you haven't seen Hawaii, their passing game is nuts. They toss it everywhere. Their defense isn't too bad also. Hawaii over the Vandals in an ass kicking.

Peace and grease until next week. Go Panthers, who are surprising leading the Missouri Valley Conference.

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