Friday, September 30, 2011

College Pigskin Pix Week 5

Seriously is there any doubt that college football is awesome. LSU looked dominant again and was rewarded with the #1 ranking. The Oklahoma St/Texas A&M game was just crazy. Mizzou gave Oklahoma a scare, for a while anyway. This Saturday ends with two monster showdowns. Alabama and Florida tangle and Nebraska gets its first taste of Big 10 conference play at Wisconsin. Camp Randall is gonna be freakin nuts. A note to Husker fans road tripping to the game, take lots of beer because they quit selling booze at 9pm on Saturday. At least they did a couple years ago when I visited for a Hawkeye game.

We had a stellar week as we went 6-2 on our picks. Missouri and USC were our losers. I’m really proud of last week’s Dawg Special, Temple. They beat Maryland 38-7. Nice call on that one. Here’s our picks for this weekend, enjoy the games and enjoy a few of your favorite brews…

Boise St -27
Nevada ruined Boise’s potential title game and with the Wolfpack losing most of their stars to graduation, it’s payback time this year.

Baylor -3.5
You can’t stop RG3. That dude is a monster. In 3 games, almost 1000 yards passing, 13 TDs, and only 12 incompletions.

Georgia Tech -10
The Yellow Jackets are in deep trouble if they have to pass, because they can’t. They won’t have to worry about that this week, as NC St can’t stop the run.

Auburn +10.5
In the Battle of Coaches I Can’t Stand, I dislike Spurrier more.

Notre Dame -12
Notre Dame has many issues but Purdue lost to Rice and had to comeback to beat Middle Tennessee St.

Nebraska +9.5
The Dawg Special. It’s Wilson vs. Martinez. 10 points is a lot. Either team could win this but I think the Badgers are a more complete team. Bucky wins in a close one.

With Iowa and Mizzou off this week we have to take an NFL homer…
Vikings -3
The Chiefs are a MASH unit and they struggle to stop the run. Peterson carries 100 times this week and Vikes get their 1st win.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

College Football Week 4 Pix

We’re a few weeks late on the season, but the relocation is almost complete. Finally have internet and cable hooked up so it’s time to start building that nest egg for Bowl season. The weekend slate of games should provide some quality time for sports fans to bond with their favorite beer. Four match ups of ranked teams highlight the Week 4 schedule. Hopefully the man cave is operational or you may have to visit your favorite pub-n-grub because three of the battles, Oklahoma St/Texas A&M, Arkansas/Alabama, and Florida St/Clemson, kick off in the mid afternoon time slot. LSU continues their murderous schedule with a road game against West Virginia for the prime time cool down. Start the day off with the Hawkeye game, and your day is full. We got off to a great start last week, even though not being able to watch the games really sucked. Stanford, Oklahoma St, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa St covered while we missed on Michigan St and Northwestern. Without further babble, here are our picks for this week and good luck to the speculators out there…

Michigan -10 ½
Denard Robinson should have a lethal day against San Diego St.
LSU -5 ½
The ferocious Tiger defense puts on another display and leads LSU to a victory at West Virginia
Oregon -15
The Wildcat defense was no match for Stanford last week and the Ducks are more dynamic. Ducks in a snoozer.
USC +2 ½
The Trojans are more talented than Arizona St on both sides of the ball. Matt Barkely puts in another solid day at the office and Trojans win handily.
SMU -23
Memphis is already looking forward to basketball. Look for June Jones' offense to score and score often.
Temple +8
Dawg Special. We'll have to see another ridiculous Maryland uniform and the Owls are pretty good. Temple wont need the points and wins outright.

Finally for the home town teams, the Hawkeyes and Mizzou...
Iowa -17 ½
Marcus Coker gets the Hawks rolling early and ULM is out manned.
Oklahoma -19 ½
Mizzou has looked pretty bad so far this year and Oklahoma is just too stacked.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I clearly remember where I was at, as I'm sure many others do, when the news of what was going on reached me. It was all very surreal and still is. We want to take a moment to remember the victims and heroes of these tragic events. Also, thanks to the many members of the military and civil servants for what you do. Your sacrifices help make a better tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NHL 12 by EA Sports

NHL 12 from EA Sports is due to be released in a few days, actually Sept. 13. Product Description

NHL 12 is EA Sports annual hockey video game that puts players on the ice with the ultimate goal to become the next great superstar of the hockey world as you lead your team to a Stanley Cup championship. Features include a new full contact physics engine, Anticipation AI, the ability to take control of a team in 'Be a GM' mode, a comprehensive career mode, all-new dynamic goalie interaction that includes the ability of goalies to fight, the NHL's Winter Classic game, multiplayer support and more.

Become the Sport's Next Superstar in NHL 12

Be the next legend in hockey with NHL 12. As the sport's next superstar, earn every shift on the ice with stellar play, big hits, and spectacular goals and prove you have the toughness and skill to lead your team to the Stanley Cup. Take to the ice in all-new interactive environments where bone-crushing hits, glass-shattering collisions, and bruising checks along the boards are always part of the action. Experience the intensity, speed and physicality of authentic NHL hockey action with NHL 12.

Key Game Features

Full-contact Physics Engine - From shattered glass and flying helmets to knocking players over the boards and into the bench, experience the skill and aggression of hockey like never before. Crash the crease too hard and you'll knock the net off and send the goalie flying.

Anticipation AI - Anticipation AI brings NHL 12 to life like never before. Players will now anticipate the flow of the play. Watch as they break for stretch passes or drag their skates to stay onside.

Be a GM Mode - Take control of your favorite team and guide them to victory, with more accuracy and depth than ever before with an all-new sim engine and Action Tracker.

EA Sports Action Tracker - Track every important event that occurs on the ice. View replays and find tendencies including where to score on individual goalie, what zone you're losing face-offs in and where hits have taken place.

Be a Pro Revamped - Playing as your created pro, earn every shift on the ice with stellar play, big hits, and spectacular goals. Simulate the action to your next shift so you're always on the ice as you play out your entire career gunning for the Stanley Cup.

All-new Dynamic Goalie Interaction - Stonewall your opponents with awe-inspiring desperation saves from your goalie as he covers every possible angle and works through screens and flying players in front of the net.

Goalies Drop the Gloves - When the action boils over, send a message by leaving the net, dropping the gloves, and trading punches with a heated rival during fights.

Hockey's Ultimate Team - Hockey's Ultimate Team returns to NHL 12 with Three Stars of the Week cards, the ability to injure players, injury cards that heal them, the chance to play a friend, even when they aren't online, and more.

Play the Winter Classic - The NHL package jumps to life with NHL Winter Classic, the league's premier outdoor hockey event on New Year's Day. Play under snowfall at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field as 70,000+ rabid fans provide inspiration while donning Winter Classic gear.
Multiplayer Support - NHL 12 features multiplayer options both in local and online play.

You can get NHL 12 here.