Monday, March 14, 2011

March to Madness

The NCAA Tournament bracket has been released and wow, this is going to be madness. There's a lot of intriguing match ups and some really interesting potential games based on the seedings. There is a lot of parity right now in college basketball and it's a wide open race to Houston. Saddle up and let the fun begin.

Let's start our babbling with the bubble watch. It's funny how everybody hangs on the bubble teams. Who's going to get in? Who got snubbed? In reality, it doesn't matter. The bubble teams historically don't do much damage in the tournament but no NCAA Tournament is complete with some grumbling.

Which teams got screwed?

St. Mary's - tied with Gonzaga for the WCC title and lost to the Zags in the conference title game. Beat St. John's, Mississippi St, and 1-2 against Gonzaga.

Missouri St. - regular season champs of the Missouri Valley. Swept Wichita St.

Alabama - won the SEC West division. Beat Georgia twice and Kentucky. Side note here. Why does the SEC have divisions in basketball? Seems like a waste if the winner cant get into the Tournament. Time for some change and bundle them all together.

Colorado - finished 8-8 in the Big 12. Notched victories over Texas, Missouri, and Kansas St. three times

Who should be NIT bound?

Georgia - finished 9-7 in the SEC. Lost non conference games against Xavier, Notre Dame, and Temple. Conference losses include Vandy (twice), Tennessee, Alabama (twice), Florida (twice), and Kentucky. Only quality wins are Colorado, UAB, and Tennessee.

Alabama Birmingham - Won Conference USA regular season title but lost in 1st round of conference tournament. Lost both games to Memphis and lost to Arizona St. and Georgia. Best no conference win is VCU.

Virgina Commonwealth - finished 12-6 and in 4th place in the CAA. Lost to Tennessee, Richmond, South Florida, and UAB in non conference action

USC - tied for 4th place in the PAC 10. Gained wins over Tennessee and Texas. Split their match ups with UCLA, Arizona, and Washington. Bad loses to Bradley, Rider, Oregon St., Nebraska, and TCU.

Which teams will exit early and why?

Georgetown - Hoyas haven't won a game since G Chris Wright broke his hand. He's back for the tournament but probably not game ready.

BYU - The Cougars will learn you can't survive on one player's shoulders, even if it is Jimmer.

Louisville - The Cardinals lack of a bog man or any inside game will end their run.

Kansas - The Jayhawks lack a consistent point guard and turn the ball over like a junior high team.

Who is this year's Cinderella?
Utah St.
Morehead St.

National Champion
Ohio St. Buckeyes

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MLB 11: The Show

Get MLB 11 The Show here. Product Description

MLB 11: The Show is a multiplayer baseball game that delivers a true Major League Baseball experience for gamers on the PlayStation 3 platform. MLB 11: The Show features a new analog stick default controls for pitching, batting and fielding that instead of just relying on buttons requires timing and rhythm. This focuses the attention of the player, just as if you were on the field. It also features PlayStation Move support in its Home Run Derby functionality. Additional features include: 4-player co-op support both online and offline, additional online modes, improved Road to the Show functionality, stereoscopic 3D game support* and more.

The Best in Baseball is Back
The #1 selling, highest rated baseball franchise is back in MLB 11 The Show. Experience new ways to play The Show with the new Pure Analog controls. Team up in all-new co-op play, get called up to the Big Leagues with new and improved Road to the Show features and compete for real world prizes in MLB The Show's all-new Challenge of the Week.

Pure Analog Control
Unlike the face button controls for hitting and pitching found in earlierMLB The Show games, MLB 11 The Show utilizes default analog stick controls. When at the plate on offense batters hold the right stick down and push it up to swing. The intent is for the batter to physically connect with the pitcher's rhythm - possibly even stretching your out at the plate by altering your swing on the fly as you angle the stick to the right or left in attempt to make contact with breaking pitches. When pitching the analog stick is used to aim the type of pitch you have chosen as your delivery gauge reaches the optimal point. The analog stick is also used in fielding as players point to the base they want to throw to. For players who prefer the face button control method, the analog stick control configuration can be disabled at any time.

PlayStation Move Support
MLB 11 The Show features optional PlayStation Move support within its Home Run Derby functionality. Peripherals required for this support are the PlayStation Eye camera and the PlayStation Move motion controller. When activated the Move motion controller projects a transparent bat on the screen, allowing the player to measure the oncoming balls, knock dirt from their spikes or literally point to the spot in the bleachers that they are aiming for.

Key Game Features
All-new Analog Pure Hitting and Pitching – Use the DualShock 3 analog sticks as a new way to experience MLB The Show
All-New Co-op play – MLB 11 The Show features a 1-4 player co-op mode, with 2-on-2 online multiplayer
New and Improved Road to the Show Functionality – Increase your skills with instant player performance evaluations and get called up to The Big Leagues
Challenge of the Week Online Mode – The weekly baseball fix for hardcore fans eager for a chance at big-time prizes
PlayStation Move Support – The new Home Run Derby built into MLB 11 The Show features optional PlayStation Move support (Move Motion Controller and PlayStation Eye camera peripheral sold separately)
3D Compatibility - MLB 11 The Show is a Stereoscopic 3D compatible game*
An Authentic MLB Experience - Enjoy an authentic MLB experience not found in any other baseball video game