Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 9 Pigskin Pix

Well most of the college football world is focused on the huge match up a week away. But don't forget about the game of this week. You wont find it featured in a BCS conference. In fact it's not even on the radar of most college fans. But it's here and it's big. The Fargodome. It's the 3rd ranked Bison hosting the 2nd ranked Panthers. It's Missouri Valley Football, yeah its not just a basketball conference, and it's a potential championship preview. It's crazy but at 3pm we"ll be tuning in a a game that not many in the Bible Belt cares about. Thank you Internet. Go Panthers!

Last week we struggled through a 4-4 weekend. We didn't lose, but we didn't add to the pot for the Bowl Week Extravaganza. That's O.K. Most people are focused on the Big 12, cough cough, this week and they have a great tilt featuring Mizzou-A&M, Oklahoma-K State, Baylor-Okie St, and the Cyclowns-Texas Tech. Sorry added that last game as a joke. The smart money has us looking at the Big 10.

Here's the 6 Pack O' Pix Legends and Leaders style. Really hope the Big 10 brass decide on a name change, it's...lame.

Nebraska -4
Michigan St had a ridiculous hail mary TD catch last week and they are apparently much better that we gave them credit for. Sparty has knocked off Ohio St, Michigan, and Wisconsin in their last three games and a win in Lincoln wraps up most tiebreakers for the trip in Indy. Nebraska has a glaring weakness, it's called Martinez Passing. Everything I see points to the Spartans, so I'm going with the Huskers at home. Crazy, just f*ckin crazy.

Northwestern -8.5
Northwestern is the most dangerous 0-4 conference team around. Every game has been close. Persa is probable it looks like. Indiana's defense is bad, allowing 33 points a game. They'll surprise someone this season, just not the Wildcats.

Michigan -12.5
Purdue has surprised folks during the conference games after completely stinking up their non-conference schedule. The Boilermakers need to contain DenardX, not sure if that's still his Twitter handle or not, as he's racked up 700 yards on the ground already this season. Michigan's defense is better under Hoke, Purdue won't be able to keep pace.

Wisconsin -7
Bucky Badger is pissed. They lost on a fluke play. Brutus Buckeye is licking his wounds after an abrasive off season. We're looking at a night game at the Shoe, on Halloween no doubt, it's gonna be good. The Badgers ride their running game and run the Buckeyes out of gas. The Badgers cover the points with some late game scoring runs.

Arkansas -10.5
Honestly, not sure how the Hogs keep winning this year. They came in under our radar but have climbed up to a top 10 ranking. Vandy has looked good in non-conference games but not so well in the SEC. The Razorbacks like to toss the rock and they do it well. Looks like a double digit win for the Hogs

USC +7.5
The Dawg Special. Did we forget about the Trojans? Just because they're on probation? The Trojans kept most of their skilled players but somehow fell off the map. It's still USC, they still have Barkley and all their 5 star recruits. Don't get me wrong, Luck is a stud and Stanford is good. But USC is looking for revenge for the huge upset loss to Stanford a few years ago and they just might repay the favor today.

And the 2 Homers...
Iowa -14.5
Umm, Minnesota has struggled. Really struggled. They even lost to a FCS team. The Gopher defense ranks among the worse in Division I football. Not good when you are looking at a Marcus Coker value meal. Look for the Hawks to pound Coker again and again to open up the passing game. The Hawkeye defense has been miserable this year. They bend and bend and bend; and then break under Norm Parker's no blitz defense. Eventually that defense scheme or Ferentz lack of knowing when to use timeouts will bite the Hawks in the ass. It wont be this week though, as a 45-0 score wont surprise me.

Texas A&M -11
Unfortunately we trying to adapt the Tigers this year with the relocation. And they have continuously disappointed and cost us. But A&M has disappointed more often. Mizzou needs to get T.J. Moe the ball...time out folks, it wont matter. The Tigers have some problems. Why do they line up in shotgun on 1st and goal inside the 5. Tiger's QB Franklin has been inconsistent. We don't expect big things from the Aggies but this week they do enough.

Enjoy the games, enjoy the drinks. Take care, spike your hair. Woo Woo Woo, Broski. Haha.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pigskin Pix Week 8

We had a blast at the Iowa-Northwestern game last weekend. The Hawks were able to snap the losing streak to those pesky Wildcats. True to form, Northwestern wouldn’t quit and kept the game close. It was great seeing everybody again and we’ll try to sneak another trip up north. There were a lot of blowouts, it seemed and this week it seems like a lot teams are on bye weeks. However, there are a few intriguing matchups out there. LSU hosts Auburn and it will be interesting to see LSU without the Honey Badger this week. By the way, what is synthetic marijuana anyway? The day will end with what should be tightly contested Big 10 battle when Wisconsin invades Sparta.

Last week we had another 5-3 week to continue the winning trend. Our epic fail was picking Iowa St. That’s the last time. This week’s picks are just based on gut feelings. The boss is in the store today and I’m supposed to be helping with inventory. So anyway, here’s today’s 6 Pack O’ Pix …

Illinois -5
Kansas St -12
Wake Forest -4.5
Auburn +21
USC +9.5 (Dawg Special)
Wisconsin -8

And 2 Homers, Iowa and Mizzou for you new folks…
Indiana +23
Oklahoma St -8.5

Enjoy the games and don’t forgot to have a couple of your favorite frosty beverages!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dan Wheldon 1978-2011

Dan Wheldon 2008 Iowa Corn Indy 250 Darrell Ingham/Getty ImagesCondolences to Wheldon's family, team, and friends. Thanks for the memories both on and off the track.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pigskin Pix Week 7

There won’t be much hub bub this week as we are currently on a 5 hour road trip to Iowa City for the big night game between the Hawkeyes and Coach Fitzgerald’s Northwestern Wildcats. Maybe we’ll get some pictures, night games at Kinnick are pretty awesome. Last week we got back to our winning ways, going 5-3 and we hit with USC on Thursday night. Let the good times (continue to) roll. Here’s a peek at our 6 Pack o’ Pix and 2 Homers for this weekend, which we’ll call Road Warrior Weekend. Fourteen ranked teams are playing away from home…

Michigan +2.5
The battle between the Spartans and Wolverines feature two of the top 8 teams in scoring defense. DenardX’s run game ends up being the difference as Michigan ekes out a close win and takes control in the Legend’s Division.

Baylor +8.5
While Texas A&M continues to disappoint including their narrow win last week, RG3 continues to put up asinine numbers with 19 TDs to only 1 interception through five games. Add the fact that he’s facing one of the worst pass defenses in the nation. This was almost the Dawg Special but we got something better later.

Oklahoma St -7
The Cowboys come riding into Austin on the Weeden-Blackmon Express. The Longhorns won’t be able to score often enough to keep up with the Pokes.

Ohio St +3
The surprising Illini are off to a 6-0 record. Ohio St is looking at a third straight Big 10 loss. The Buckeyes have to many athletes and Illinois is due for a slip up.

Auburn +2
I know, this is the 3rd week in a row. Have I mentioned I think Chizik is a punk? Florida is done without Brantley at the helm.

Clemson -7.5
Really I have no reasoning on this one. I know Clemson has beaten 3 ranked teams and Maryland got shellacked by Temple so…no research is needed and that's the way I roll.

Up next and finally, the 2 Homers…
Iowa -6.5
Possibly am blinded by the Black n Gold here. Northwestern has won 3 straight games at Kinnick and 5 of the last 6 in the series. It’s a must win game, for both teams actually, and Kinnick is usually rocking for the night games. I guess they may be doing the stripes again as I’m in a gold shirt section.

Iowa St +15.5
The Dawg Special! It’s Mizzou’s homecoming and Columbia is ready to party. But come on folks, 15 ½ points. Iowa St isn’t very good, but neither are the Tigers. Well, actually Mizzou has only lost to teams that are now ranked and by 10 points or less in each game. Hmm, maybe the experts do know something. Not so fast my friends, Steele Jantz calls on the power of his cool name to bring the rains to Columbia.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

College Pigskin Pix Week 6

There were some crazy games last week. Seven ranked teams lost, although some lost to other ranked teams. Man, Wisconsin looked really good in destroying Nebraska and the Huskers pretty much showed every team how to beat them. Make Martinez pass. He really struggles there. Texas A&M had the second massive collapse in the past two weeks. This week’s action is headlined by the Red River Rivalry, Oklahoma visiting Texas. Should be interesting with both teams undefeated. You can always count on the SEC to give football fans a marquee matchup. Florida travels to top ranked LSU and Auburn faces Arkansas. Normally Ohio St and Nebraska would draw big headlines, but the Buckeyes have kind of fallen on hard times. Haha.

We really struggled last week on our picks going 2-4 with a push. Auburn and Notre Dame were our only winners. Somehow Georgia Tech gave up two touchdowns in the final 34 seconds and RG3 couldn’t spin enough magic in a wild game. Here’s the picks for this weekend, enjoy the games and enjoy a few of your favorite brews…

Oklahoma -10.5
The Sooners are too good on defense for the New McCoy to handle.

LSU -13
Rumor has it the Gators will be without Brantley and starting a freshman QB. Some dude named Driskel. The Tigers’ defense is eagerly waiting for feeding time.

Arizona -2
Nick Foley has a field day spanking the Beavers.

Auburn +10
This week’s Dawg Special. For the second week in a row the Tigers are double digit dogs.

Michigan -7
As long as DenardX doesn’t have to pass the ball, the Wolverines are in good shape. Northwestern does have Persa back at QB but it’s only his second game since the Achilles injury.

Texas Tech +9.5
The Red Raiders host Texas A&M, who hasn't been able to put together a complete game lately. It seems like too many points.

And finally, the homer picks…
Iowa +4
Penn St has looked very unimpressive all year. The Hawkeyes pull off another upset in Happy Valley.

Kansas St +4
The Wildcats have defeated Miami and Baylor already. This should be a close game. We’re taking K-State strictly because they’re a home underdog.