Saturday, October 16, 2010

NCAA Week 7

Week 7 of the NCAA and now it's getting interesting! Bama finally lost last week and Ohio St moves in as the new number 1. I pick the Ohio St game this week and despite my pick, I'm rooting against number ones until either TCU or Boise St is locked into the BCS title game. That's the only way to blow this bitch up. Power conferences will demand change if they get pushed out of a title game. Historically this week is known for upsets and games that shape the BCS picture. But in the end it's all about making some ching.

A theme this week. The weather is perfect in the Midwest for football and it just feels like BIG 10 weather. So a little love for my favorite conference this week. I had to add Nebraska since they are on the door step of joining and they play in a great game this week.

Ohio St -4 This isn't so much about not liking Wisconsin, but it's hard to go against teams who always seem to be in big games and pull them out. The Buckeyes will not be affected by the atmosphere of a night game at Camp Randall. Which by the way is awesome. I was there a couple years ago and it rocks. But not enough to over come the fact the Ohio St is just better and they've been there and done that.

Minnesota +5.5 WHAT AM I THINKING? I know Minnesota's record looks bad, but they are in most games going to the 4th qtr. No secret the the Gophers coach is on the hot seat. This game will tell us everything we need to know about Minnesota the rest of the year. If they lose, count on them mailing it in the rest of the year. But if they got any gopher nuggets at all, they man up and play for their coach and save his ass...for another week at least.

Illinois +7 To schools of thought here. Michigan St is getting a little too much love and hype and consequently they are over rated. The other is: I think Ron Zook has Illinois finally playing some decent football...(sorry had to stop typing while I laughed out loud at my insanity). I like the Illini to pull the upset...or at least keep it close. Please Ron, keep it close.

Texas +9.5 I'm going to do something I preach to never do when picking against the spread. Don't pick an upset unless you think they can win. And obviously Texas can win. But I think Nebraska will win, by a field goal (sound familiar Texas?) Cornhuskers get their revenge, but just barely.

Iowa -3.5 I'm nervous that I feel good about this pick. I think it looks like a shoot out on the score board, but Iowa keeps the Wolverines an arms length away and gets the win. Robinson will look better against Iowa then he did against Mich St, but Iowa has the offense to stay just far enough out in the lead. The week off for Iowa won't hurt either. It's a decent coaching staff when it comes to game planning. Just don't ask them to figure out clock management at the end of a game yet.

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  1. Here is my gameplan for the day, Woods. Like your picks by the way, except Minnesota. I have Pitt -1.5, USC -2.5, Ohio St -4, and Nevada -6.5. Good luck. I had a "Super Easy Lock of the Day" but just realized the game already started. Southern Miss -14.5 over Memphis. Memphis cant wait for hoops season as the fb squad is ranked 116th in pts for, 113 in pts against, and is -7 in the turnover dept. For the record, Memphis leads 6-3 right now.