Saturday, September 25, 2010

NCAA Football Week 4

Fourth week of football, 3rd week of gambling on football.....errr...I mean pretending to gamble on football. 3-2 against spread last week, 8-2 on the season. How's the school system in Vegas? I'm thinking it's time to relocate. Not to bitch about the losses, but Iowa let us down (get into that later) and then the typical..."We got this game locked up baby!"....followed up by..."Va Tech scored how many in the 4th qtr?....well FUCK ME!" Hey, bad bets are part of gambling, and we took that ECU lost hard last week. They not only were covering the 20 pt spread, but late in the 3rd they were winning. Oh well.

Here we go with a quick version for this week.

Oklahoma -14. The Sooners only show up to play every other week. Well...this is the week. This isn't last years Cincinnati team by the way. This one sucks. Oklahoma goes on the road and covers easily.

California +6 1/2 Call me bitter, or just plain stupid, or a serious case of sour grapes. But I wasn't blown away by Arizona last week over Iowa. Time for a let down after the big win. Go Bears!

South Carolina +3 1/2 I can't believe I'm doing this either. Poking a finger in the eye of a lifetime of rooting against the "Ole Ballcoach". Call it a gut feeling or just the fun of yelling "Go Cocks" all day.

Alabama -7 Simple thought here. When everyone calls for the never happens. Tide rolls big.

Iowa -28 I really think Iowa will look like shit, but Ball St is so bad, it's embarrassing that they play them. Go Hawks.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

NCAA Football - Week 3

Five and ohhh baby. That's right, if you took my picks last week and bet big, then you went out and got yourself a nice piece of ass this week. 5-0 against the spread. The so called "experts" can't claim that. Does that make me an, it make's me a genius. And it will never happen again so I'm going to brag my ass off. But hey, it's a what have you done for me lately kind of world so lets get to my week 3 picks. Remember, gambling is illegal and addictive and tons of fun. So find a bookie who will go to jail for his clients.

Kansas St -3 1/2 I don't know how good Kansas St really is, but I saw Iowa St play last week and they look very bad. Actually bad doesn't do justice to how they played. The Cyclones will score this week but not enough to keep up with K-State. The game is at Arrowhead Stadium in KC which is really a home game for the Wildcats. I told Cyclone fans I would cheer for their team after the Iowa game, but I was lying. Wildcats may not kick ass, but they cover the points here easy.

USC -12 In a continuing theme, this is less about how good USC is and more about how bad Minnesota is. Why is this only -12? Does Vegas think the team will be depressed because Reggie gave back his Heisman? Plus I'm rooting for Lane Kiffin to win a lot this year to see if he takes another job at the ends of the season. I know it's in Minnesota, but it's not like it's winter. USC wins big....really big.

Nebraska -3 Now I have to confess to changing my mind on this one a couple times. I even researched it a little bit. There are some questions about the Nebraska defense, but I think it's good enough to offset the great QB at Washington. Plus Nebraska seems to have found a pretty nice QB of their own. I also have to confess that as a Big 10 fan, I now find myself rooting for Nebraska to look good. Words i thought I would never say...."Go Cornhuskers". Yuck, that didn't feel good.

ECU +20 Lot's of stuff going on here. This is the classic Vegas (and gamblers) not believing what they see in Virginia Tech. Hey, I like Coach Beamer too but they do not look good. Even if they turn it around and get the win, it's hard to believe they beat ECU by 20. Plus ECU already kicked me in the balls once this year for betting against them. The Purple Pirates always show up to play in big games and I think they're in this one til the very end.

Iowa -2 Another game I went back and forth on. The Iowa fan in me knows that Iowa doesn't usually show up for this game. They usually not only lose, they go down in a ball of fire. But this team looks different. They didn't play down to Iowa State's level like past years. They seem to know they have a chance at Iowa football history. Make no mistake...when this game is over, we will know what we have in our Hawkeyes. My gut says Iowa pulls out a close, ugly, defensive battle. Go Hawks!

On a side note, great match up in the minor leagues. UNI plays Stephen F Austin in a match up of ranked teams. Come on Panthers, we need a reason to riot on The Hill!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

NCAA Football 2010

Week 2 is here! It's such a good week of matchups it's even got a nickname. It's "Monster Saturday". I'm predicting not many good games. It's going to be blowout city. But it will be cool just to see some of theses traditional powerhouse teams match up. Ohio St vs Miami, Penn St vs Alabama, and Florida St vs Oklahoma are just fun to say. Usually you have to schedule a week like this on the PS3. Oh by the way...Michigam travels to Notre Dame. Big whoop. Here's a gaurantee...whoever wins that game will be ranked next week and grossly over rated! Ok, here we go with my Top 5 Picks against the case gambling becomes legal.

Florida -16 This is the over reaction pick of the week. Florida looked like shit last week and everyone is pissing on them now. They will platy with something to prove and put the smack down.

Michigan +3 How is Notre Dame favored? Proving that Notre Dame alumni have too much money and they love to gamble it. That has to be it. Michigan will be over rated after this week, but they are better than Notre Dame.

Ohio St -8 This is the first of my blowout city games. It looks good on paper, but Ohios St is just too good. Why is Miami considered to be back? What have they really done? Nothing! Ohio St kicks the crap out of Miami. Take it to the bank baby!

Oklahoma -7 Game 2 of blowout city. I'm not as confident here. Oklahoma lays an egg in every big game lately, but I think they join Florida in makin up for last weeks lack luster performance and take it out on Florida St. I say Sooners win big!

Iowa -13 As an Iowa fan, I've decided to pick the Iowa game every week. Going against my instinct that I may be betting with my heart rather thatn my head, but I've used worse body parts over the years to make decisions in my life. I think Iowa is over rated at 9th in the country, but I didn't see much from ISU to convince me they are in it this year. Games in Iowa City and it feels like a week they will play well. Maybe not a wood shed ass kicking...but they cover 13 pts. GO HAWKS!!!