Saturday, September 25, 2010

NCAA Football Week 4

Fourth week of football, 3rd week of gambling on football.....errr...I mean pretending to gamble on football. 3-2 against spread last week, 8-2 on the season. How's the school system in Vegas? I'm thinking it's time to relocate. Not to bitch about the losses, but Iowa let us down (get into that later) and then the typical..."We got this game locked up baby!"....followed up by..."Va Tech scored how many in the 4th qtr?....well FUCK ME!" Hey, bad bets are part of gambling, and we took that ECU lost hard last week. They not only were covering the 20 pt spread, but late in the 3rd they were winning. Oh well.

Here we go with a quick version for this week.

Oklahoma -14. The Sooners only show up to play every other week. Well...this is the week. This isn't last years Cincinnati team by the way. This one sucks. Oklahoma goes on the road and covers easily.

California +6 1/2 Call me bitter, or just plain stupid, or a serious case of sour grapes. But I wasn't blown away by Arizona last week over Iowa. Time for a let down after the big win. Go Bears!

South Carolina +3 1/2 I can't believe I'm doing this either. Poking a finger in the eye of a lifetime of rooting against the "Ole Ballcoach". Call it a gut feeling or just the fun of yelling "Go Cocks" all day.

Alabama -7 Simple thought here. When everyone calls for the never happens. Tide rolls big.

Iowa -28 I really think Iowa will look like shit, but Ball St is so bad, it's embarrassing that they play them. Go Hawks.

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