Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sports Reality Show

Sports are the only true reality show. You never know what may happen. Will you see history? The big upset? I've been a fan long enough to know that it's not over 'til it's over. I thought I'd share my massive screwup from last night.  Forth inning, Game 5, the Nationals are up 6-1. A boatload of new movies, to me anyway, are calling my name. I've picked up The Avengers, Dark Shadows, Prometheus, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, and Battlestar Galactica Season 1 in the last week but the playoffs have been so good that there hasn't been any movie time. I don't know why, as I know better, but I popped Prometheus in the PS3 and essential gave up on the game. Fast forward a couple hours, I find out the Cardinals pieces together a remarkable comeback to fend off elimination yet again. I didn't even receive any text message from my Cardinal fan friends or my old drinking buddies. I'm disappointed. In them, in the Nationals, and in myself. Why would you ever turn away from a playoff game when your hated rival was getting beat? You wouldn't. I'm just plain stupid. On a good note, I did miss out on the pain of having to watch the Comeback Cards do it again. And for your information, I thought the movie was over hyped. I give it a sideways thumb. It was good but not awesome. Sigh.

Saturday 6 Pack 10-13

It's been a magical week of MLB Playoff games but today is for the pigskin. Noticed there aren't as many high profile games in prime time this week. And that's a shame. Both fans and players enjoy the games under the lights but universities probably don't like the extra hours of beer consumption and tailgaters. Seven days until we make our return trip to Kinnick. Can't wait to see everybody and enjoy a Hawkeye game. But, hey, we still have this week's picks to roll out and here they are...

Michigan St  -7.5
Wisconsin  +1
Alabama  -21.5
West Virginia  -3.5
South Carolina  +3.5