Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Olympics

Every two years most of the world comes together for the epic event called the Olympics. Picture this... you have won a trip to the Olympics and have a chance to cross something off your bucket list. But you now have a choice to make. Do you pick the Summer or Winter Olympics? It's a no-brainer for me. I'm taking the winter one.  The Winter Olympics include more interesting sports in my opinion. It may be the sicko in me, as I'll always remember the old "Agony of Defeat" commercial from when I was young. The sports just seems more dangerous and trilling.  The other reason the Winter Olympics win out is that they are usually hosted at more picturesque locations.  The Olympic facilities always look so cool with snow and rough terrain in the backdrops.

On the top of my to-do list is hockey. I'm a huge fan of Patrick Kane, Jonathon Toews, Ovechkin, and Jagr. It would an incredible chance see all your favorite players and many NHL stars at once. The teams play with incredible passion and tenacity that is sometimes missing in an NHL game.

The are a lot of sports that would be worth checking out and many that don't get mainstream television time in the U.S.  Skeleton is an event that I wouldn't be able to miss.  Those men and women are insane. It takes a special person to go head first on a sled at 80 mph. Not to mention their face is a few inches from the ice. Might as well throw in the lugers too. Cray cray.

Curling is another event I want to see. Although ear plugs would probably be needed. I almost have to mute the television when curling is on with the all the yelling of instructions. Short track skating, snow cross, and downhill skiing are the other events that I would make time to watch.

There really is just so much to see and do that a trip to the Olympics would be incredible.