Saturday, October 9, 2010

NCAA Week 6

Week 6 is here, and it feels a bit like a down week. Which is weird. How could Miami and Florida St not be a huge week? And Alabama plays a ranked opponent on the road! That has to be huge...right? Well...maybe. I think the best games this week happen under the radar of the national spotlight. Oh by the way, we got back on the winning track last week and moved to 13 up and 7 down on the season. For this week however, it just feels really weird. Here's hoping instinct and gut feeling can carry us thru.

Michigan -4.5 I justified picking both of these teams at times. But when you can't decide, you got with the team with the best player. And Robinson at QB for Michigan is by far the best player. Goes back and forth at times I think, but at the end Michigan wins by just enough to cover.

Alabama -7 The Tide has let me down once this year, but I think the line this week is a reflection of the media trying to make this a big game. What have the Cocks done to make you think this will be close? The one chance they had to pull out a big win, The Ole Ball Coach over manged himself into a loss. I'm actually sick of watching the Tide roll and I think they lose in the regular season this year. But not today!

Miami -6 Remember when this was a big game? No really. It use to be a big game. It used to be thee game. Again the media will have us believing it is, but I'm not biting. Maybe I hang too much on the ass kicking the Sooners gave the Seminols, but I see nothing that makes me think they're ready to play a good team yet. And Miami is a good team. Not great....but good enough to beat down Florida St.

USC +10 I'll be brief here. I'm a sick bastard and can't explain why I like some of the things I like. I like Lane Kiffin. Can't explain why. Probably hoping something good will happen to him so even more microphones will be pushed into his face and he'll say something brilliant. Oh, and Stanford has only played one good team (Oregon), and that team kicked their ass.

Utah -6 With Iowa off this week, I'll at least keep Iowa St in the rotation. I think Iowa St is getting better. And if they pull the upset this week, I promise not to pick against them the rest of the year. But I think Utah pulls away late in a shootout.

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