Saturday, November 20, 2010

NCAA Week 12

So a couple of the "Big Boys" aren't playing this week. That's the beauty of gambling. Every game is a big game! It's the only reason a shit NFL game on a Sunday night can out draw a Worl Series game. Football is the ultimate gambling sport. And if you've been taking our advice, you got a little change in your pocket at this point in the year. Don't press yet, let those winnings build up and get ready for bowl season. Here's a few more picks to add to the winnings.

Nebraska -2 Nebraska has clearly scared a few people away with that bad loss against Texas and then not showing up against a couple lesser teams, but that happens in the course if a season with college kids. Add a big game and the stretch run going to the Big 12 Championship and I think you get Nebraskas best effort.

Virginia Tech -2 You can almost cut and paste what we just said about Nebraska to the Va Tech team. Obviously Va Tech fell off the radar screen early in the season, but they've been kicking ass since then. Consider this a statement game for Virginia Tech to beat Miami. There have been some great battles with bthese 2 schools and they seem to take it personal. But only 2 points? Let's go Va Tech!

Purdue +20.5 Here we go with the Big 10 part of our lesson. Purdue is just under the radar as a team on the rise and they've blown out a couple times but they seem to hang around in most games. I think Mich St wins, but 20.5 point just feels like too many.

Michigan +4 I actually think Michigan can pull this game off. Wisconsin on the road against a decent offensive team automatically says close game. That and I believe in Karma, and the bullshit run up the score act that Wisconsoin pulled last week has to be paid back. Not sure why the media seem to like coach Balemia but Big 10 fans think he's a dick and he showed why last week.

Ohio St -3 We actually took this game and put it on our board when the season began because the line was 3.5 and we thought it would be double figures by the time the game rolled around. Well it dropped a half and we have no idea why. But it would be just like Iowa to win the big game and leave us wondering how the fuck we lost to Northwestern. The season is technically a disappointment but a 4th loss makes it a major problem in a season when the Hawks were considered a dark horse for a National title. Need a big win here and a good bowl win to keep the Kirk Ferentz hype alive.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 MLB Awards

Well it's officially MLB awards week. So that means it's time for theSportStew to dive into the award naming process also. The 2010 baseball season was awesome with what seemed like nightly remarkable occurrences. It started with Mark Buehrle's incredible web gem and ended with two long shots, the Giants and Rangers, playing in the World Series. The Twins moved outside. Squeeze in six no hitters, really should be seven, which included two perfect games. Pujols clubbed his 400th home run. A-Rod joined the 600 home run club. Trevor Hoffman become the inaugural climber of the 600 save mountain and Billy Wagner notched his 400th career save. Ichiro extended his own record of consecutive 200-hit seasons to ten and collected his 10th gold glove. By the way, Ichiro has only played in the States 10 years. Jamie Moyer, present day proof there is a fountain of youth somewhere, had a record breaking year. He became the oldest player to toss a complete game at the ripe age of 47 and also allowed the 506th gopher ball of his career. We got to see the magic of Strasburg captivate the baseball world, briefly, and a plethora of rookie talent invaded the bigs. It was just a great year to be a baseball fan.

And to get to the point. Here are theSportStew MLB Award winners presented with Topps baseball cards.


Josh Hamilton, TEX (2)....93
Miguel Cabrera, DET (1).....69
Jose Bautista, TOR..........34
Robinson Cano, NYY.........12


Joey Votto, CIN (3)..............105
Albert Pujols, STL.........69
Carlos Gonzales, COL.......24
Ryan Braun, MIL.............11


Felix Hernandez, SEA (2)...81
CC Sabathia, NYY..................57
David Price, TB (1)...................35
Justin Verlander, DET.............23
John Lester, BOS..................11


Roy Halladay, PHI (3)..........105
Adam Wainwright, STL....57
Ubaldo Jimenez, COL...........45


Neftali Filez, TEX (3).........105
Austin Jackson, DET.............34
Brennan Boesch, DET...........34
Wade Davis, TB.....................11
Brian Matusz, BALT..............11


Jason Heyward, ATL (1)........53
Buster Posey, SF (1).............53
Jaime Garcia, STL (1)........35
Mike Stanton, FLA................34
Gabby Sanchez, FLA.............11
Stephen Strasburg, WAS....11


Ron Gardenhire, MIN (2)........93
Ron Washington, TEX (1)....69
Joe Madden, TB.......................45


Dusty Baker, CIN (2)................93
Bobby Cox, ATL (1)................81
Bud Black, SD.......................23
Kirk Gibson, ARI......10

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NCAA Week 11

Another week, another interesting turn in the 2010 College football season. To be honest, this week doesn't offer up the big time match ups that we seem to be getting every week. And that's when something crazy always happens. Will it be Oregon over looking Cal and getting beat in a track meet type game, or does Auburn give into the pressure the Hundred and Eighty Thousand Dollar Man has brought upon them. Ice down The Beast Light and let's see.

Auburn -6.5 This line was 9 just a few days ago and has slowly gone down because folks thought Cam Newton may not play. He will, and he'll unleash a can of whoop ass on Georgia. I'm not even going to get into my thoughts on his situation, this is about winning the money and I'm telling you, Vegas handed one back to us this week. Take the Tigers.

Oregon -19.5 Look, I want to see one of these teams get upset to let TCU or Boise St into the dance, but until Oregon shows a sign of weakness how can you go against them? You can't. I'm actually surprised this line is this low. I know Cal scores a lot, but that just gives the ball back to the Ducks more often. They may score 100 points against the Bears.

Wisconsin -22 I hate to do this to poor old Indiana. They played pretty well last week against Iowa and deserved to win that game. Hard to get back up emotionally after that, and Camp Randall is not the place to get better. As an Iowa fan, I'm rooting hard for the Badgers to fuck up and put Iowa back in the drivers seat of the Big 10, but just can not envision it this week.

Ohio St -18 What can you say, this time of the year Ohio St quietly continues to beat the shit out of every one and suddenly they're near the top of the poles. Same old story. Penn St has a good D, but not enough to keep up or even make it close for that matter.

Northwestern +9.5 You have to truly love the Hawks to put up with this shit every year. Even in their best years lately, they struggle against Northwestern and that spread offense. You would thunk they would have learned their lesson last week, but trust me...they didn't.

Last week was another 3-2 week and the overall is up to 26-19. Not blowing it away but enough to give ya a little momma don't know money.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

NCAA Week 10 Cock Block Saturday!

That's right, I've named this weekend Cock Block Saturday. Actually this could be every weekend in college football, but it's due or die for a few teams this weekend. If college football is a big ole frat party, then the BCS is the hot chick in the corner everyone is trying to fuck. Utah, Boise St, TCU....who invited these ass holes to the party? Actually they are the guys that the longer we hang around them and get to know them, God for bid....we kind of like them. And they're talking to the hot chick! She's even flirting with them. Screw it, I hope one of them fucks her. Be funny to see those big shots go home with thier dicks in thier hands. Ok, that was quite the anaolgy....time for Cock Block Saturday.

Alabama -6.5 Totally a cock block team. Both of theses teams are just close enough to see the prize, but only one of them gets invited to the next round. LSU still thinks it's the shit because a few people at the party remember when they were good. But Bama is the bad ass at the party right now, and LSU is living in the past. Rooting for LSU but Bama gets to 2nd base and covers the spread.

Arkansas +4.5 Neither of these teams are technically in the party. They're in the front yard fighting to see who goes in. These are the games that you always think the Ole Ball Coach should win, and then doesn't. Arkansas passes well, Game Cocks don't defens pass that well. What else do we need to know. The Cocks get blocked!

Stanford -8 I hate Arizona! Yes I'm still bitter. I just think even at 13th they're still over rated. Plus Arizona is only any fun when the party is at thier house. On the road, just another dude in the corner pretending they belong.

Utah +5 The classic cock bkock game. Only one of these guys will even be at the party next week. The TCU blowout last year was a bit of a fluke, the game is at Utah, I'm not impressed with the list of opponents TCU has trashed. I think these teams are really evenly matched and Utah pulls out the win, helping Boise St

Indiana +17.5 If you're an Iowa fan, you know the Hawks don't show up to play 2 weeks in a row very often. You also know teams that can pass hurt the Hawks. So here comes the perfect storm of an Iowa fuck up.

Thanks to Dr. Rosesrosesn for going 3-2 last week. Bring our overall record to 23 - 17! It's almost like we know what we're doing!