Saturday, October 23, 2010

NCAA Week 8

Week 8 and it's time to quit fuckin around. Three straight weeks of 2-3 has brought me season total to 17-13. Sure, I'm making money...but not the kind of pimp daddy, bring me the slutty chicks with big tits kind of money. I put slightly more thought into my picks this week and also stayed mostly in the Big 10. By the way...notice how every week seems to rock and there's a great buzz of excitement about the great games. me too! That's why we love college football and the NFL blows. It's also why they system only needs a slight change. Four team playoff, Plus One, whatever you want to call it. Just don't screw up the awesome season long excitement. So crack open a Millwaukees Best Light tall we go again!

Michigan St -6.5 Familar old startegy here. Hearing a lot of people falling in love with Northwestern this week. Or maybe not so impressed with Michigan St. Can't believe how many folks are putting Sparty on "Upset Alert". And when that doesn't happen. In other words, never count on the upset that everyone is calling for. Also, never look a gift horse in the mouth, don't mix beer and wine...ever, and don't drive on the railroad tracks...unless you're a train. Sparty rolls today!

Purdue +24 Purdue not that bad, Ohio St not that good. I mean Ohio St is pretty good, just not blow the doors off good. This is the famous old "Gut Feeling" game. My gut by the way is about 50-50 in it's career. Ohio St seems to win it's Big 10 games, but not by Oregon style blow outs. So the Buckeyes about 15.

Penn St -9.5 I said last week if Minnesota lost they would give up on the season. They lost, then fired the coach saying they needed to let next years recruits know of the direction the team is going. When you are focusing on next years have given up. By the way, Penn St has a decent defense and will score just enough to cover. Just to be a smart ass, I see 12-2 victory for ther Lions.

Oklahoma -3 When I listed the teams I wanted to see the spread on, then looke up this game, I just started laughing. 3 points? For real? Then I thought I better look up to see just how good Missouri must be. And then I laughed my ass off. 3 points? Are you fucking kidding me? I know this isn't the Sooners of the past, but this is not the Tigers of a couple years ago. Take advantage of this one folks. By the way....I'm rooting for Missouri to continue to try and fuck up the BCS, but it looks like easy money.

Wisconsin +6.5 Relax Iowa faithful. I believe Iowa still wins, but a lifetime of watching Iowa vs Wisconsin games tells me this will be a close and ugly, defensive battle. I love the Iowa vs Wisconsin game. Maybe 2 of the most fun fans you'll find across the country. And they won't play after this year for 3 more years due to the split division. Back to the game...Iowa plays like shit at beginning...comes back and takes lead...hold on for a close victory....seen it all before.

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  1. Here's my 2 cents live from Kinnick. West Virgina -13.5, Texas Tech -3, South Carolina -12.5, and the upset special is Washington +6.5. And Hawkeyes win but don't cover.