Saturday, October 30, 2010

NCAA Week 9 Roadblock Saturday

Well since my partner in crime didn't have a chance to pick games today, I'm going to fill in and throw my picks out there. Well for the afternoon games. Stupid real jobs anyway. Sorry Woody for stealing your thunder, but it will only help your average. You'll thank me later. The media has deemed this Roadblock Saturday. Think of me as a stick of dynamite. Enough of the ridiculous self-hype, here's my picks...

Oregon St -3 How can you go against the Beavers? At home? You can't. The Beavers are a gusty team that never quits and you have to love going for the 2 pt conversion at Washington in OT for the win. That builds character. I have Beaver Fever.

Michigan St +6.5 I'm continuing the tradition of picking the Iowa game. Just like last week's Iowa-Wisconsin, this line really confuses me. What do the expects know that I don't? Well Iowa's kicking team is crap. Their special teams are crap. I think Iowa wins a close game but can't cover.

Oregon -6.5 This has to be the toughest game left for the Ducks. USC has had the bye week to help prepare for the mass chaos known as the Ducks offense. The Trojan defense is bad. Oregon will score alot of points. USC has a talented passing game and will score frequently also but not enough. They cant keep pace with Oregon's 55 pts per game.

Michigan -3 The Wolverines visit Happy Value hopefully for the white out night game. Penn St has been riddled by mistakes recently. Here's a simple game plan for JoePa. Michigan's defense is atrocious and you have Royster. Run him and then run him alot more. Royster should become PSU all time rusher after the game. Michigan's spread offense will showcase the holes on the Lion defense. I expect a high scoring game. Should be fun to watch.

Hawaii -14.5 My final pick is like a yummy late night ice cream sundae. It's a really late game, 11:30 CST, to wrap up the weekend. If you haven't seen Hawaii, their passing game is nuts. They toss it everywhere. Their defense isn't too bad also. Hawaii over the Vandals in an ass kicking.

Peace and grease until next week. Go Panthers, who are surprising leading the Missouri Valley Conference.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

NCAA Week 8

Week 8 and it's time to quit fuckin around. Three straight weeks of 2-3 has brought me season total to 17-13. Sure, I'm making money...but not the kind of pimp daddy, bring me the slutty chicks with big tits kind of money. I put slightly more thought into my picks this week and also stayed mostly in the Big 10. By the way...notice how every week seems to rock and there's a great buzz of excitement about the great games. me too! That's why we love college football and the NFL blows. It's also why they system only needs a slight change. Four team playoff, Plus One, whatever you want to call it. Just don't screw up the awesome season long excitement. So crack open a Millwaukees Best Light tall we go again!

Michigan St -6.5 Familar old startegy here. Hearing a lot of people falling in love with Northwestern this week. Or maybe not so impressed with Michigan St. Can't believe how many folks are putting Sparty on "Upset Alert". And when that doesn't happen. In other words, never count on the upset that everyone is calling for. Also, never look a gift horse in the mouth, don't mix beer and wine...ever, and don't drive on the railroad tracks...unless you're a train. Sparty rolls today!

Purdue +24 Purdue not that bad, Ohio St not that good. I mean Ohio St is pretty good, just not blow the doors off good. This is the famous old "Gut Feeling" game. My gut by the way is about 50-50 in it's career. Ohio St seems to win it's Big 10 games, but not by Oregon style blow outs. So the Buckeyes about 15.

Penn St -9.5 I said last week if Minnesota lost they would give up on the season. They lost, then fired the coach saying they needed to let next years recruits know of the direction the team is going. When you are focusing on next years have given up. By the way, Penn St has a decent defense and will score just enough to cover. Just to be a smart ass, I see 12-2 victory for ther Lions.

Oklahoma -3 When I listed the teams I wanted to see the spread on, then looke up this game, I just started laughing. 3 points? For real? Then I thought I better look up to see just how good Missouri must be. And then I laughed my ass off. 3 points? Are you fucking kidding me? I know this isn't the Sooners of the past, but this is not the Tigers of a couple years ago. Take advantage of this one folks. By the way....I'm rooting for Missouri to continue to try and fuck up the BCS, but it looks like easy money.

Wisconsin +6.5 Relax Iowa faithful. I believe Iowa still wins, but a lifetime of watching Iowa vs Wisconsin games tells me this will be a close and ugly, defensive battle. I love the Iowa vs Wisconsin game. Maybe 2 of the most fun fans you'll find across the country. And they won't play after this year for 3 more years due to the split division. Back to the game...Iowa plays like shit at beginning...comes back and takes lead...hold on for a close victory....seen it all before.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

NCAA Week 7

Week 7 of the NCAA and now it's getting interesting! Bama finally lost last week and Ohio St moves in as the new number 1. I pick the Ohio St game this week and despite my pick, I'm rooting against number ones until either TCU or Boise St is locked into the BCS title game. That's the only way to blow this bitch up. Power conferences will demand change if they get pushed out of a title game. Historically this week is known for upsets and games that shape the BCS picture. But in the end it's all about making some ching.

A theme this week. The weather is perfect in the Midwest for football and it just feels like BIG 10 weather. So a little love for my favorite conference this week. I had to add Nebraska since they are on the door step of joining and they play in a great game this week.

Ohio St -4 This isn't so much about not liking Wisconsin, but it's hard to go against teams who always seem to be in big games and pull them out. The Buckeyes will not be affected by the atmosphere of a night game at Camp Randall. Which by the way is awesome. I was there a couple years ago and it rocks. But not enough to over come the fact the Ohio St is just better and they've been there and done that.

Minnesota +5.5 WHAT AM I THINKING? I know Minnesota's record looks bad, but they are in most games going to the 4th qtr. No secret the the Gophers coach is on the hot seat. This game will tell us everything we need to know about Minnesota the rest of the year. If they lose, count on them mailing it in the rest of the year. But if they got any gopher nuggets at all, they man up and play for their coach and save his ass...for another week at least.

Illinois +7 To schools of thought here. Michigan St is getting a little too much love and hype and consequently they are over rated. The other is: I think Ron Zook has Illinois finally playing some decent football...(sorry had to stop typing while I laughed out loud at my insanity). I like the Illini to pull the upset...or at least keep it close. Please Ron, keep it close.

Texas +9.5 I'm going to do something I preach to never do when picking against the spread. Don't pick an upset unless you think they can win. And obviously Texas can win. But I think Nebraska will win, by a field goal (sound familiar Texas?) Cornhuskers get their revenge, but just barely.

Iowa -3.5 I'm nervous that I feel good about this pick. I think it looks like a shoot out on the score board, but Iowa keeps the Wolverines an arms length away and gets the win. Robinson will look better against Iowa then he did against Mich St, but Iowa has the offense to stay just far enough out in the lead. The week off for Iowa won't hurt either. It's a decent coaching staff when it comes to game planning. Just don't ask them to figure out clock management at the end of a game yet.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

NCAA Week 6

Week 6 is here, and it feels a bit like a down week. Which is weird. How could Miami and Florida St not be a huge week? And Alabama plays a ranked opponent on the road! That has to be huge...right? Well...maybe. I think the best games this week happen under the radar of the national spotlight. Oh by the way, we got back on the winning track last week and moved to 13 up and 7 down on the season. For this week however, it just feels really weird. Here's hoping instinct and gut feeling can carry us thru.

Michigan -4.5 I justified picking both of these teams at times. But when you can't decide, you got with the team with the best player. And Robinson at QB for Michigan is by far the best player. Goes back and forth at times I think, but at the end Michigan wins by just enough to cover.

Alabama -7 The Tide has let me down once this year, but I think the line this week is a reflection of the media trying to make this a big game. What have the Cocks done to make you think this will be close? The one chance they had to pull out a big win, The Ole Ball Coach over manged himself into a loss. I'm actually sick of watching the Tide roll and I think they lose in the regular season this year. But not today!

Miami -6 Remember when this was a big game? No really. It use to be a big game. It used to be thee game. Again the media will have us believing it is, but I'm not biting. Maybe I hang too much on the ass kicking the Sooners gave the Seminols, but I see nothing that makes me think they're ready to play a good team yet. And Miami is a good team. Not great....but good enough to beat down Florida St.

USC +10 I'll be brief here. I'm a sick bastard and can't explain why I like some of the things I like. I like Lane Kiffin. Can't explain why. Probably hoping something good will happen to him so even more microphones will be pushed into his face and he'll say something brilliant. Oh, and Stanford has only played one good team (Oregon), and that team kicked their ass.

Utah -6 With Iowa off this week, I'll at least keep Iowa St in the rotation. I think Iowa St is getting better. And if they pull the upset this week, I promise not to pick against them the rest of the year. But I think Utah pulls away late in a shootout.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

NCAA Football Week 5

OUCH! So that's how it feels to have a losing week huh? Well that sucked. 2-3 against the spread won't cut it. But we're in this for the long haul. And on the season we're 10-5. Fair to say some of us are reconsidering our gambling strategies (you listening Uniballer?). The good news is this is a fun week for college football. And at the Sport Stew we don't shy away from calling the big games. So here we go with getting back on the winning track.

Oklahoma -4 Red River Rivalry baby! Lost a little luster after UCLA smoked Texas last week, but I think the bigger thing to consider is how the Sooners show up against "Big Games". Maybe it's too much stock in the Florida St ass kicking or how bad Texas looked against the Bruins. But I can't imagine this game is even close and it's only 4 pts! Sooners win big.

NC State +3 I just can't get past how bad Va Tech has looked against any competition this year. Or maybe I've had too much to drink during the tailgate this morning. I know nothing about NC State, but I'm on the band wagon (for this game at least). Va Tech has to prove it before we put any trust back in them. I feel really weird about this one....but go Wolfpack!

Oregon -6 There is a lot of love out there for Stanford, but I say it's no big deal to beat Notre Dame again this year. Oregon gets the game at home, at night, and at one of the coolest scenes in college football. The Ducks seem to dominate at home and especially at night in big games with a national television audience. Quack!

Texas Tech -4.5 Ok, I know this isn't a big game but it's gambling damn it and Iowa St hasn't let me down yet....or rather they continue to suck just enough to never cover. This has nothing to do with Texas Tech and everything to do with betting against the Cyclones continues to be a sure thing.

Iowa -7 Continuing the the theme to pick all the Iowa games this year, it's hard to go against the Hawks at home. And surprisingly they have owned Penn St. I think it's going to be an ugly game most of the way but Iowa's defense will dominate. The one wild card is as always Ricki Stanzi. He can make the Hawks roll or he can be the best player for Penn St. Avoid turnovers and Iowa covers the 7. Go Hawks!