Tuesday, September 15, 2009

UFC Fight Night Diaz vs. Guillard

The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights kicks off tomorrow but not before another installment of UFC Fight Night Live. The show is live on Spike TV and is tipping the scales in Oklahoma City. Noticed that Dana White is giving away some free tickets on Twitter. I always enjoy the Fight Night shows as they seem to showcase some alums for the Ultimate Fighter series as well as other up-n-comers. Enough small talk, chug a couple beers, enjoy the fights, and here's the winners... RESULTS added Sept. 17th...

Jensen def. Steinbeiss TKO
Larson def. Pierce by Choke PIERCE
Stephens def Buchholz by TKO
Stout def Nover by TKO CANCELLED

Silva def Dollaway by TKO DOLLAWAY
Wilson def Pyle by Split Dec PYLE
Canwell def Stann by TKO STANN

Quarry def Credeur by Arm Bar
Condit def Ellenberger by Choke
Maynard def Huerta by Split Dec
Diaz def Guillard by Triangle

Wow! The televised fights were great. I'm still laughing about Guillard playin hurt and then falling right into the guillotine choke. That was classic. Guillard did too much dancing around. He was killing Diaz and probably would have knocked him out. They needed to do a better job of smack talking too. Again the fights that aired on Spike TV were awesome to watch. Back and forth, bombs, knockdowns, and submission attempts. I guess Nover has a seizure in the locker room and his bout with Sam Stout was cancelled. Hope he's O.K. I can't believe that Brain Stann beat Cantwell. It's even less believable that he won a decision. Stann somehow went the distance. Congrats but I need to see that fight to confirm it. I'm protesting it until them. We went 6-5 on out predictions for the night and improved out record to 17-16 since UFC 101. It's gonna get better but it proves you never know what might happen in MMA; or we don't know shit. The second is more likely. See ya next time.

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