Thursday, September 17, 2009

College Football Week 3

YES! YES! YES! Thank you college football gods! I loved it all. Give me more…please. Just when we think we know something about college football, we are reminded that we don’t know jack shit. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Let’s recap last week’s games, shall we. The game of hyped game of the week lived up to its billing more or less. USC vs. Ohio St. was fairly uneventful for 3 and a half quarters. And only become intriguing when you started thinking, “wow Ohio St is finally going to do it”. Whoops. For most of the game Ohio St pushed USC around and appeared just as fast and Big 10 football was back damn it! Then Kid Barkley jammed his Trojans down the throat of Ohio St. for the climax. The game will be remembered for the drive and everyone exclaiming Barkley just grew up before our eyes. Whoa…slow down experts. It’s only his 2nd game. And neither team was that impressive. I don’t see USC steam rolling the Pac 10 at all. There are some speed bumps out there. I would predict at least one conference loss for the Trojans and maybe two.

The real game of the week (as predicted) was Notre Dame vs. Michigan. They actually had scoring in this one. Back and forth with lead changes and come backs and then another come back. Once again, let’s wait and see what we’ve got before we pronounce either of these teams back. Two things are for sure. Michigan has some athletes compared to last years team and is much improved. Big 10 defensive coordinators shit themselves when they saw this game. And two…Notre Dame was…say it with me now…O…VER...RA…TED! Relax Notre Dame fans, you have plenty of cream puffs on the schedule to get to a winning season.

The shocker of the week though was Houston whipping up on Oklahoma St. Anyone see the cover to SI last week? Yep, Oklahoma St. on the cover and an article saying it was their time. Why? Because they beat Georgia who was over ranked at 20, 21, or whatever. Have a mentioned how much I hate preseason polls? This is why the first 4 to 5 weeks of the season kick ass. We get to find out what everyone really has. Not what the so called experts say, but get your ass on the field and prove it.

Ok, on to week 3. The Thursday and Friday games are very interesting. Something about these nights always have games that are wild and come right down to the finish. Georgia Tech vs. Miami might be game of the week material. One thing is for sure; the winner of this comes out with some momentum and can be considered a contender for the conference title. Miami is one of those teams everyone wants to proclaim as “back”. A win here goes a long ways to make that claim legitimate.

A Friday night game this week! And it’s Boise St. vs. Fresno St. May not sound like much, but Boise is one of those teams that everyone has already thrown into the BCS hunt based off one win over Oregon. Fresno St. is always tough and serves as a real threat to crash the dream season for Boise. I personally don’t find Boise St. to be the cute Cinderella Team anymore and hope they get punked by a couple smaller schools that they seem do be looking down their noses at. Go Bulldogs!!

Along the same lines of season on the line every week is BYU. Florida St. comes to town for a very interesting game. BYU is still riding high from the Oklahoma win, but if you want to back up that #7 rating, you have to beat down Florida St. at home. I love Bobby Bowden for taking this game and for that reason I’m rooting for him. Basically I’m rooting for the small schools to get the Hell out of the way and let the big boys play all the BSC games this year. But if BYU wins convincingly, it makes for a really interesting season.

Tennessee goes to Florida and you have to assume this is where Lane Kiffin starts paying for shooting his mouth off all season. Florida should win easily and everyone will start talking about going undefeated. But I say even with a win, Florida hasn’t beaten anyone yet. We don’t know how good they are. And someone tell me why we have handed Tim Tebow the best player ever award? More to come on that topic in following weeks.

Then there is Texas Tech vs. Texas. The Longhorns have become the favorite team of The Sports Stew, and this game has pay back written all over it. While it looks like Texas should win easily, that style of offense played by Tech is just tough for some teams. Texas got off to a slow start last week against Wyoming and can’t afford to do it again this week. I think Texas will make this game personal and take care of business.

Just remember, the Big Game in college football is the one nobody seems coming. The Sports Stew will be on Twitter keeping an eye out for the game that sneaks up on everyone. And as always, feel free to join the discussion with us on Twitter.

Editor's Note. We'll be tweeting from the Arizona at Iowa Football game. Game kicks off at 2:35 CST on ABC. Tailgate begins at 5:30am. Follow along at for hourly updates.

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