Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Football Week 1

The College football season is finally here and what an opening night we had Thursday. If you like loud mouth jack asses that don’t play worth a shit, and then take their frustrations on opposing players, teammates, and fans…then the Oregon Ducks are your team. Let’s get back to the ridiculous events after the game later. This was billed as the premiere match up to kick off the season. And it did have the making to be. Not only are both teams ranked, but they clearly don’t like each other. Or at least the Ducks don’t like Boise St. Why would they? The little guys keep beating up the big boys. So Boise St. wins and everyone is talking about the little guys going on an undefeated run and Oregon’s offense isn’t really that bad and that little tiff after the game. Whoa whoa whoa….slow down gang. Boise St. is going to go undefeated? Robert Smith on ESPN said he would be shocked if they did not win the rest of their games. Why? Because they beat an Oregon team that was way overrated at 16. I don’t recall the last time I saw a team play worse than Oregon did in the first half, and Boise only beat them 19-8. That’s hardy an ass kicking.

First prediction of the season… Boise State will not go undefeated and will not play in a BSC bowl game. I thought both teams only helped to promote my thought that preseason polls are a joke! I know, I know….it’s only week 1. And defenses are ahead of the offense. And both teams will look better next week. Well, we’ll see. Boise has games against Fresno St. and Nevada that are not easy wins. And they go to Hawaii which is always tough for that conference. So let’s not put them in a BCS bowl game just yet.

Oregon on the other hand sucks! They have to improve a lot to play and win in the Pac 10. The experts have to stop handing out lofty rankings and high praise based off what teams did the year before. This is college football and the turnover of players is rapid and drastic every year. In other words, this is not last year’s high scoring Oregon team. This is this year’s team with a lack of direction and a bad attitude. I heard Mel Kiper make the argument that Blount was maybe the 3rd best back in the country. Blount had 8 carries for a negative 5 yards. God I hope that’s not the 3rd best back in the country! And then there was the total meltdown after the game by Blount. I’m already tired of hearing about and hearing his weak ass promise to turnover a new leaf. If Oregon wanted to salvage any respect what so ever they have to suspend that idiot for the season.

This just in…Oregon idiot suspended for season.

Editor's Note...For the record Dr. Rosenrosen, it was a good punch and he waited just until the Boise guy wasn't looking. LeGarrette Blount deserved the suspension he received. The sad part is that Mr, and I use that term loosely, Blount is a senior and his college career is over. He was an NFL prospect. The Oregon coach stated that Blount will continue to attend classes and practice with...wait, attend classes? I will bet anything that this fool wont attend classes the rest of the season. Did you hear him talk? Enough said. On a side note, according to college football insiders, this game had MAJOR BCS implications. What do you think Dr. Rosenpenis?

I would love to comment on the South Carolina and NC State game but I fell asleep early in the 2nd qtr. What’s that? SC won 7-3? Wow, that Spurrier really can coach em up. But just remember, top to bottom the SEC is the best conference….whatever.

Ok, on to Saturdays games and what we’re watching for….Everyone will tell you the game of the week is Georgia and Oklahoma St. Big 12 vs. SEC. Oklahoma St is going to win this game and then all the Big 12 fans will go crazy about how they are the better conference…and maybe they’ll be right. Too early to tell.

I have a feeling the Big 12 will be kept in check just a bit when Oklahoma squeaks one out over BYU. I’m telling you it will be close. I just have that feeling. Then we will have to endure the, “what’s wrong with Oklahoma” talk for a week.

Alabama and Va. Tech will be a close runner up for the game that gets most hype this week. I don’t know much about what either team brings back this year, but I can tell you this…I will be rooting for Va. Tech like I was born and raised in the hills of Virginia. Can’t stand Nick Bear Bryant Sabin or arrogant Bama fans that think as soon as they win a game, they should be in top 5. Plus Bama is second only to one team for having any win more over blown and shooting them up the polls. And that team is….Notre Dame. Duh.

Speaking of Notre Dame, I can’t wait to see Nevada stroll into Notre Dames home turf and beat them down. All this talk about how improved Notre Dame is makes me ill. Last I saw of them, they were in a bowl game they didn’t deserve to be in and getting beat! Why does everyone think ND is suddenly so improved? Their record may be better this year, but playing a weaker schedule does not make you a better team.

Prediction #2…Calling for the straight out upset here. Nevada beats Notre Dame and ESPN fires Lou Holtz for predicting ND would play in BSC title game.

Oh by the way…Florida State plays Miami Monday night. Remember when this was the game of the year? Me too….but just barely.

Editor's Note, again...Sorry. Wanted to agree with Dr. Roseypalmer on a couple things. Sabin = crook. Only a matter of time before he gets caught. Lou Holtz. Come on ESPN, how long do we have to suffer by listening to his crazy, slobbery talk. Game of the Week is the Monday nighter. Miami will show they are a team to be reckoned with and demolish the overrated Seminoles. What will make this game great is the Hurricanes will have 11 unsportsmanlike penalties like the Cane juggernauts of old. 2 words. Jacory. Harris.

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