Friday, September 18, 2009

NFL Week 2

Wow, a great week of games to start the NFL season. Eight games came down to the wire. The week started with an overtime battle in Pittsburgh and ended with the Monday night doubleheader of come from behind victories. There were also many, many highlights in between. Drew Brees continued on his roll from last year and tossed six touchdown passes, Adrian Peterson ripped the Cleveland defense for 180 yards of rushing with three TDs, and Reggie Wayne stepped into Marvin Harrison's old role beautifully with 10 grabs for 162 yards. Mark Sanchez managed the game well, nothing flashy, and picked up the 'W' in the debut. Stafford struggled but, hey, he does play for the Lions. You won't forget Denver's Stokley snatch that tipped pass and then race for the endzone. The Game Ball for the opening week goes to Tom Brady. "Pretty Boy" led the Patriots on an unlikely comeback, and was his usual unflappable self even though he hadn't played in almost a year. Two players tied for the LVP, Least Valuable Player, of the week. Frank Gore carried the ball 22 times for a measly 30 yards and Jay "Crybaby" Cutler fired four interceptions and repeatedly was shown on the sideline pouting.

The second week of the season brings quite a few good matchups, headlined by the Saints visiting the Eagles. This game lost a little luster when Kevin Kolb was named Philly's starter. Looks like McNabb will get to rest his busted up ribs this week. But still two explosive teams and this could be a sneak peak at the NFC Conference title game coming in January. With all the offensive expectations, this game will probably be a defensive slugfest. Look for Kolb to be very efficient and the Eagles squeak out a tight one.

The must see game for me is the battle between the Bungles and Packers at Lambeau. Chad Johnson, I mean Ochocinco, has vowed to do a Lambeau Leap when he scores a touchdown. For the sake of good TV, hopefully the Packer defense will let him score if he cant do it on his own. I can already see the fans with there extra beers ready to unload on Ochocinco. Most likely beer will be kind, he'll probably get the spit, urine, and battery treatment, not to mention a punch or two. We're talking ESPN instant classic here. Green Bay is the more talented overall team though and will pull away for the victory. But...Ochocinco does score.

The final headline game is the Raiders and Chiefs. Talk about a crapfest and we get stuck with this game twice this year. Here's another kick in the balls, we in Chief territory so somehow this game will be on. The gameplan on this matchup. Goto a bar with NFL Sunday Ticket. I think the Raiders escape Arrowhead in a Stench Bowl. Maybe you didn't notice but I think both of these teams are horrible.

Here are the rest of the winners on Sunday...Falcons, Vikings, Titans, Redskins, Niners, Cardinals, Bills, Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Cowboys, and the Jets win the Coaches trash talk battle but lose to the Patriots.

Monday Night Football brings us the Colts and the Dolphins. The Dolphins unleash the Wildcat formation but put rookie QB Pat White. A little bit of a twist since White can actually throw the ball. Colts still win behind the combo of Manning-Wayne-Clark.

Editor's Note. Hey Champ, you picked 12 of the 16 games last week correctly. Whammy! You also forgot to use your catchphrase. Another horrid performance from Week 1 was Jake Delhomme. He got pulled but then got to re-enter after the Panther backup got hurt. Enjoy the games.

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