Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week 8 TSS CFB Poll

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TSS College Football Rankings.

1. Alabama (2) 972
2. Texas 966
3. Florida 943
4. Miami 827
5. USC 813
6. Cincinnati 789
7. Iowa 768
8. TCU 740
9. Georgia Tech 681
10. Boise St. 664

Others receiving votes LSU, Oregon, Texas St University

Oh baby, it’s getting fun now!! From here on in every week is like a playoff week for these Top Ten teams. Which is a great argument for the BSC to continue as is. Ok, that’s a discussion that’s coming soon. We can’t resist our turn to fix college football. I will say this…I wouldn’t change too much.

The top 3 has not changed since we started our poll 3 weeks ago. In the words of Denny Green, “They are who we thought they were!!” Florida just continues to fail to impress us as a top team. I honestly believe several top teams can beat Florida. And they look like the team to lose before the Alabama show down. Not backing off that prediction at all!

The rest of top ten is moving up thru survival of fittest. Miami has only one loss to a very good Virginia Tech team, in hurricane type weather (ironic huh?) USC isn’t over impressive, but who else are you going to move up to the 5 spot. You really think any of those other teams would beat USC? Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise are fighting their schedules and the knock that they haven’t beat anyone. Iowa just keeps winning, while everyone continues to pick against them. If history is any indication, Iowa comes back down to earth this week. Watch out for Georgia Tech and even Iowa to totally fuck up the BCS title game. Their schedules and conferences are just good enough to climb up to 2 or 3 if any of those teams slip.

The weather is great for college football here at SportStew HQ, time to open some beers, fire up the grill and let the fighting begin. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and get involved damn it!!!

Editor's Note. No respect for Boise St. You guys have dropped them every week and all they do is win. Keep up the good work though, cause it's the drama and conversations that make sports great.

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