Friday, October 16, 2009

CFB Week 7 & TSS Poll

Not as many upsets this week as we have been seeing, but that does not mean our top ten doesn’t get a little shake up. A big reason for that is the injured QBs making a come back. USC is a hard team to figure out. There signature win is over Ohio St, who continues to fail to impress. Oklahoma jumps back in with Bradford back at the helm. The beauty part of our guess work this week is that some teams are going to have to prove themselves right now! USC had better do more than win. They better kick the shit out of Notre Dame to keep their lofty rating. For Oklahoma they are in a pickle. They have to beat Texas to keep BSC hopes alive. Even if you excuse them for losing to decent teams without Bradford, you can not excuse them for losing 3 times. If you’re a top 5 team, then you have to be able to survive losing your QB to BYU.

Just a side prediction here. Everyone handed Florida and Alabama trips to the SEC title game this week. But we are on the record now as saying one of those teams will not make it. Why? Because that’s how college football almost always works out. Not to take anything away from Alabama or Florida. We just believe in the system.

1. Alabama (2) 980

2. Texas 975

3. Florida 898

4. Virginia Tech 869

5. Miami 772

6. USC 713

7. Oklahoma 685

8. Ohio St. 654

9. Boise St. 626

10. Cincinnati 611

Others receiving votes TCU, Iowa, Eastern St.

So there you have it. Fire up Twitter and get involved. Agree, disagree….we don’t care. Just have the balls to say something.

Editor's Note. It's another good weekend of ball games that could shake things up. Boise St. looked average last night. Cincy looks to be in a tight battle tonight. Florida is in an interesting matchup while Va Tech and Alabama entertain AP ranked teams. Saturday will be a good day to hold the couch in place and enjoy some brews. Have fun!

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