Saturday, October 17, 2009

NFL Week 6 Pix, Who's Worst Team

I love weekends. Today I’m sitting at the House of Brews n Sports, the nickname for my apartment, watching the Iowa-Wisconsin, Texas-Oklahoma, and Michigan St-Northwestern games on the TV wall. Probably would have another game on ESPN360 if I wasn’t doing last minute research for the NFL picks. The couch is comfy and the beer is cold. Good start to the day. Thanks to Joe for stepping up last week. I dropped the ball and forgot to award the Game Ball or the LVP. Well not this week.

Game Ball: Cedric Benson. Benson somehow rambled for 120 yards and a touchdown against the ferocious defense of the Baltimore Ravens. After being ousted from Chicago he surfaced in Cincinnati for the end of last season, and has added a much needed element to the Bengal offense.

LVP: Larry Johnson. LJ had another terrible week. He only managed 37 rushing yards last week and he carried the ball 21 times. In case you’re not a math wiz, that’s a minuscule 1.8 yard average. Come on LJ, you should be a leader, not a cancer. It’s obvious that his career is dwindling and probably has played his way out of Kansas City, which isn’t a bad thing for the Chiefs.

So, who is the worst team in the NFL? There are quite a few that are playing terrible. Four teams are yet to win a game, the Titans, Bucs, Rams, and Chiefs. Washington, Oakland, and Cleveland have been awful but pulled out at least one victory, somehow. You also can’t overlook Carolina or Buffalo. These teams have produced very few highlights except for the teams playing them. And the winner, or loser, however you look at it is… The St. Louis Rams. Why you ask? The Rams have scored only 34 points all year. That’s less than a touchdown a game. The defense has allowed 146 points leading to a differential of -112. That’s a lot in five games. St Louis is led by the QB tandem of Kyle Boller and Marc Bulger, which has produced only four scoring drives. The lone bright spot on offense is Stephen Jackson. The Rams rank towards the bottom of the league in many key categories, especially 3rd down conversion and giveaways. It doesn’t get much better on defense, as they rank in the bottom half of the NFL in every statistical category I saw. This proves it takes a total team effort to suck this bad. Congratulations to the St Louis Rams.

Here are the picks for the week but first check out Matt Schaub’s profile picture on,, or look right. The picture says, “I just smoked a huge bowl. Where are the Cheetos?” Classic…

Bengals, Packers, Ravens, Saints, Steelers, Panthers, Chiefs, Jaguars, Cardinals, Eagles, Patriots, and Jets. The Falcons win the Sunday night tilt and San Diego in the Monday Night Football upset.

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