Thursday, October 15, 2009

College Football Week 6

This article was posted on on Oct 9th...

So here it is! The SportStew’s first college poll of the season. First of all, we only rank the top 10. Because at the end of the season, who really gives a shit who is ranked 22nd? And secondly, we actually waited a few weeks to see the teams before we jumped to conclusions. Our poll doesn’t rank based on who we think will end up somewhere or how good they can be. It’s where the teams stand now base on what they have done to this point. So injuries to star players will drop a team. And winning over sub-par teams does not climb you into our poll very fast. (You listening Penn St.)

1. Alabama (2) 988
2. Texas 973
3. Florida 923
4. LSU 811
5. Virginia Tech 754
6. USC 700
7. Ohio St. 667
8. Boise St. 613
9. Cincinnati 587
10. Miami 549

Others receiving votes TCU, Minnesota St, Iowa

So there it was. We love to scream overrated at the SEC but to this point they have the most teams that are stacked. Not the best from top to bottom necessarily, but right now the best at the top for sure. Keep an eye on Oklahoma and USC. These teams are trying to survive injuries to QBs and could jump up fast if they prove themselves.

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Editor's Note. I like your rankings boys. No respect for Boise or TCU though. Some big matchups this week that could mix up the polls. LSU vs Florida and Alabama vs Ole Miss in the SEC. Iowa and Michigan the late night fun. Lots of game games on the tube this weekend, enjoy.

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