Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wrestlemania 28

Every spring one of the best "sporting" events of the year is squeezed in around the Final Four. It is the WWE's hype machine known as Wrestlemania. Why is Wrestlemania awesome? There are two reasons. First off, I'm a nerd. And second, you can wager real money on scripted outcomes. Now that's just crazy. Why is Wrestlemanina 28 going to great? Finally, the Rock has come back to Miami. The best microphone wielder in wrestling history is making his return. Someone else might be returning tonight also. Multiple sources are reporting the Brock Lesnar has been signed by the WWE and will make an important appearance.

Here's who I'm putting my money on...
Daniel Bryan (+170)
Why? WWE has been pushing Sheamus a lot and for a while now. It makes too much sense for him to win. Bryan's "YES!!" chant is so annoying to the fans it absolutely needs to be done.

Undertaker (-900)
Why? I would usually take the underdog with odds that high but it is the streak. The Streak needs to stay intact for future 1-offs for the Undertaker. This match is a Hell in the Cell match to hide the terrible "wrestling" that is going to occur and that was a good move. This match would be a great spot for Lesnar to appear and reek havoc thus setting up a possible Wrestlemania 29 main event.

John Cena (-180)
Why? It makes no sense for the Rock to win because he's leaving after WM28 anyway to resume his film career. Plus Hogan passed the torch to Rocky a few Wrestlemanias ago so it would be fitting for the torch to move to today's workhorse, Cena. We get our second surprise appearance afterwards as Alberto Del Rio jumps Cena and the Rock comes to his aid. It allows The Rock to soak in his town town cheers and the mutual respect handshake with Cena.

With all the rumors circulating about tonight, Wrestlemania 28 could be the best yet. Will I watch it? Nope, but I will tune into Raw tomorrow night for the fall out.

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