Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dwight the Professional

It gets hard and harder to have respect for Dwight Howard. Is he this much of an egomaniac or he is a just a complete douchebag? His pouting job on the bench at the end of last nights blowout loss to the Knicks put the exclamation point on his lack of professionalism. He was too preoccupied to support his team and participate in the huddle during a time out. I guess he has already opted out, although it really occurred months ago. I'm officially done with "Superman". I don't really have a favorite NBA team, I prefer to follow players I enjoy watching. Howard has been removed from the list. Hopefully the Magic get tired of the constant whining, back stabbing, and quitting on his team. The Magic should have swapped Howard to a shitty team at the last possible minute before the trade deadline and gave him two birds as he left town. Thanks for nothing, quitter.

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