Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is Bo Ryan a Douche?

That is a trick question, everyone already knows the answer. And actually, this isn't another piece blaming and bashing Ryan for the whole Jerrod Uthoff blocking transfer scandal. It's exciting to see the 2011 Iowa Mr. Basketball returning to his home state, or close to it most likely. We're not really sure why he chose to continue his career at Wisconsin anyway. Uthoff has stated that he prefers to play in an up tempo scheme and Wisconsin's philosophy is completely the opposite. While Uthoff would look good in a Hawkeye uniform and would contribute immediately, it isn't going to happen. Being a huge Valley follower, Creighton would be fine but I'm pulling for Uthoff to be putting on the Northern Iowa purple next season. The Panther's have a strong group of young talent in Cedar Falls and are adding Tennessee transfer Wes Washpun. Throw in a former Mr. Basketball and the Panthers could be reliving their success from a couple of years ago. Now that is exciting!

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