Saturday, September 11, 2010

NCAA Football 2010

Week 2 is here! It's such a good week of matchups it's even got a nickname. It's "Monster Saturday". I'm predicting not many good games. It's going to be blowout city. But it will be cool just to see some of theses traditional powerhouse teams match up. Ohio St vs Miami, Penn St vs Alabama, and Florida St vs Oklahoma are just fun to say. Usually you have to schedule a week like this on the PS3. Oh by the way...Michigam travels to Notre Dame. Big whoop. Here's a gaurantee...whoever wins that game will be ranked next week and grossly over rated! Ok, here we go with my Top 5 Picks against the case gambling becomes legal.

Florida -16 This is the over reaction pick of the week. Florida looked like shit last week and everyone is pissing on them now. They will platy with something to prove and put the smack down.

Michigan +3 How is Notre Dame favored? Proving that Notre Dame alumni have too much money and they love to gamble it. That has to be it. Michigan will be over rated after this week, but they are better than Notre Dame.

Ohio St -8 This is the first of my blowout city games. It looks good on paper, but Ohios St is just too good. Why is Miami considered to be back? What have they really done? Nothing! Ohio St kicks the crap out of Miami. Take it to the bank baby!

Oklahoma -7 Game 2 of blowout city. I'm not as confident here. Oklahoma lays an egg in every big game lately, but I think they join Florida in makin up for last weeks lack luster performance and take it out on Florida St. I say Sooners win big!

Iowa -13 As an Iowa fan, I've decided to pick the Iowa game every week. Going against my instinct that I may be betting with my heart rather thatn my head, but I've used worse body parts over the years to make decisions in my life. I think Iowa is over rated at 9th in the country, but I didn't see much from ISU to convince me they are in it this year. Games in Iowa City and it feels like a week they will play well. Maybe not a wood shed ass kicking...but they cover 13 pts. GO HAWKS!!!

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