Saturday, July 4, 2009

Better to be Stupid than an A-hole

Ok, nobody really aspires to be stupid or an asshole. But if you had to be one or the other, I would choose to be stupid. And now there is proof to back up that decision. When the news started to spread that Manny Ramirez had tested positive for some hormone used to cover up steroid use, a few people were shocked and surprised. But most just rolled their eyes and muttered, “what a dip shit”. If there is a surprise, it has to be how anyone can be that stupid. The MLB drug test is a good deterrent, but it takes a moron to fail it! I mean it’s the ultimate open book test. You know when it’s coming and you know what they’re testing for.

But the real point here is the acceptance and almost immediate forgiving of Manny Ramirez. Even fans of other teams shrug there shoulders and shake their heads as if to say “oh well”. It’s like when the goofy kid on your kids tee ball team, with his hat on backwards and glove on the wrong hand, hits the ball then chases after it before the other kids can field it. You just put your hand over your face, try not to laugh out loud, and holler encouragement to the rest of the team. “Come on Juan Pierre, you can do it!”

And in LA they still have Manny Wood, the wigs still sell off the rack, and I’m sure number 99 still on the backs of fans all over the park. Compare this to our old friend Barry Bonds. Barry was never caught using steroids, never really admitted it, sure as Hell didn’t apologize for anything, and treated everyone who questioned him like trash he throws away (actually he treats everyone like that). People are so pissed at Barry Bonds; they’re counting the days until A-Rod (another cheater) breaks his record. Nobody will hire him to hit balls out of their ball park, and I’m guessing Bonds uniforms leftover in sporting goods stores are being given away if you buy a pair of Nikes. Now this goes beyond the fact the Manny served a suspension and Barry didn’t. Manny hasn’t apologized publicly yet either. Manny hasn’t truly admitted he was cheating. I think he said he was trying to get pregnant. But Bonds made a career out of being smug, arrogant, and treating people around him like they were a lower level of humans. And trust me, it goes beyond the fact that Bonds broke Babe’s record. It’s all very simple actually….

Bonds is an asshole, Manny is just plain stupid.

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