Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 MLB All Star Game

Ok, one night later we are in the man cave with the All Star Game about to start. Last nights trip to a sports bar was too loud, too confusing, and too expensive. So it’s Leinenkugels Honey Weis to the rescue. For the record, JB hates the All Star game and CW loves it.

And away we go….Like geniuses we both pick the AL, but are rooting for the NL. Don’t have to be too smart to take the AL; they have won 12 in a row. 30 seconds in, and it’s about kissing St Louis’s ass. Yes, yes, it’s a great baseball city. Let’s move on. One of the things we both like about the All Star game, they wear their own uniforms. I hate the NBA goofy ass things they wear.

Even if you didn’t vote for Obama, it’s cool to see him talk shit with jocks. We finally have a hip president. If you say Joe Nathan’s name all it once, you get Jonathan. JB with that nugget, and after just one beer. I hope he gets funnier with more booze in him. Our perfect little St Louis fans booed Ted Lilly. Which actually, we both respect them for that. I mean he is a Cub!

I think with every pound Prince Fielder puts on, he loses an inch in height. JB just reminds me, “This one counts.” I always think it’s cool watching the introductions and the reactions to all the big stars. Not sure why…it just is.

I think the crowd is trying to chant Yadier Molina but can’t figure out a way to do it. Sheryl Crow is still way hot. What the fuck is wrong with Lance? By the way…she sings pretty well. A smattering of boos for our President. I guess respect doesn’t go beyond the ball diamond in St Louis.

I just remembered how much I hate Tim McCarver. Wish someone would pay me to point at the obvious and bitch that it’s just not like the old days. When I look at the line ups, I don’t see how the NL could lose, but they will. I hate the Giants but man it is fun to watch Tim Lincecum pitch.

JB with this nugget, Prince Fielder is a vegetarian. That’s a lot dead plants in that dude.
Ok, I’ll start complaining now. I hate that they have made this game so serious. I miss Randy Johnson throwing it over Kruk's head and Bonds picking up Tori Hunter and dragging him around. Let’s bring back the fun. More on that later. Lincecum drills Jeter. Jeter is always getting drilled in that hand. Quit diving in there Derek and you won’t get hit!!

Just had a group prayer that Halladay pegs Pujols when he comes up. Then we’ll see how much this one counts. Wow, tough town. Scorer gives Pujols an error in his home town. It was an error, but still. The AL not fooled at all so far by Lincecum as they score 2 in the 1st.

2 out, nobody on in bottom of 1st as Pujols comes to plate. Walk him. Halladay actually makes contact…twice. Lincecum throws him nasty curve. What a pussy move. JB thinks Ichiro's shoes look like Dorothy’s form Wizard of Oz, only silver.

Just as Molina ties up the game, the President drops in a funny line about being out of money for bail outs. Crowd trying to chant Molina again. NL with the lead all of a sudden 3-2. Both pitchers go 2 innings. Let’s let a couple more do the same.

FOX not really having a good night. Missed the President 1st pitch. Barely getting out of the break in time to see the game and now the mic goes dead during the Halladay interview. Now it suddenly becomes a chore to keep up with who is in the game. Utley to 2nd to get Crawford was one of those, “NOOOOO! Yes! Nice play."

Joe Mauer is a fucking stud! Sometimes that’s all you need to say. I hate that they already talk about moving him from catcher. Let him catch! Pujols suddenly is sucking up everything hit his way. 3-3 in the 7th and it’s a pretty good game. But no homers yet. This game needs some fireworks.

Carl Crawford’s catch was awesome and will probably be remembered as the best play of the game. And that’s the problem! Never watched a more boring tied game in the 7th.Nothing like watching the Flomax replay. I can’t remember what Flomax does, but I like saying it. Nothing like watching all the biggest stars sitting on the bench with the game tied in the 8th.

And the AL wins again. Good game I guess. Just lacks the fun this game is supposed to have. I know I’m supposed to be the one who likes this game, but it sucked. I’m fed up with the “This one counts” bullshit. I smell a column coming.

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