Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 10 College Pigskin Pix

Wow last week was pretty brutal. Hawkeyes lost to one of the worst teams in football, the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Panthers lost their Top 5 showdown in North Dakota. And we also had a losing record at 3-5 on our picks. Tough, tough week.

The biggest game is SEC history is tonight, thank goodness, because all the hype is starting to get old. Don't forget about the other games today as the schedule is peppered with a plethora of great match ups throughout the day. The Big 12 Network, if their was one, would be awesome. Texas Tech at Texas, followed by A&M at Boomer Sooner, with the prime time showdowns Mizzou at Baylor and K State at Okie St. Add in the other SEC battle, the Gamecocks and Razorbacks. It's a great day to sit back downing a few brew-ha-has and practicing working the remote control. Almost forgot the #1 vs. #2 game. Miles at Sabin. Tigers vs Tide. Um, you get the picture, we've been blasted with that crap for two solid weeks.

Let's get to the money talk, it's time for this week's 6 Pack O' Pix and 2 Homers. A lot of road teams are smelling good today...

Texas Tech +14
The Dawg Special. The Red Raiders are hoping to rebound from a dismal performance against Iowa St. The Longhorns seem to struggle against decent teams but are at home. It seems like too many points and We have a feeling Tech wont need them.

Texas A&M +15
The Aggies have looked really good at times this year, but have also played pretty pathetic at other times. Oklahoma has been getting off the slow starts in the last few games and them turning it on. This is usually the time of the season Stoops starts running up scores and complaining about the BCS standings. A&M keeps it close, hopefully.

Florida International -3
The Panthers are enjoying one of their better seasons and are facing Western Kentucky who has struggled mightily since moving up from the FCS division, until this year. Plus FIU is our team in the NCAA Football dynasty so we had to sneak them in one of these.

Pittsburgh +3.5
Cincinnati has been playing well lately while the Panthers haven't. Pitt is at home and in a match up of mediocre teams, we lean towards the home team especially when they're underdogs. We're expecting a nice ground game from Ray Graham and Pitt take a close one.

Oklahoma St -21
The spread seems too high for a game against the 14th ranked Kansas St Wildcats. That usually means the "experts" in Vegas know something. Or they're crazy. The Cowboys can toss the rock and have made it look easily. Expect it to happen again. How old is this Weeden guy anyway? Shouldn't he be coaching?

LSU +4
This game will feature a few future NFLers. The Tigers have the better team but the game is in Tuscaloosa. The Tide Trent Richardson is a monster but as he gets gassed, the Tiger's physical defense can take control. Look for Alabama to make some mistakes in the passing game that gives LSU the win. We have a feeling that this could be a high scoring game.

Finally down to the homers and it's not looking good...
Michigan -5
Iowa needs one more win to get Bowl eligible and its going to be an uphill road. The Hawk defense has been terrible of late and dealing with Denard wont help. We're starting to hear some rumors involving Mike Stoops and the program doesn't need a psychotic asshole like that. Steer clear fellas. Back to the game, the Wolverines control the clock with a mix of Robinson and add a touchdown or two late. Hopefully we're wrong

Baylor - 2.5
Mizzou gets to try to defend RG3, who is having a great year. Baylor has a better team on paper and is home. Da Bears.

Enjoy the games and stay thirsty.

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