Saturday, November 19, 2011

6 Pack O' Pix Week 12

When ESPN’s College Gameday announced they were going to spend the weekend, it seemed like it might be a ho-hum slate of games. And then what happens? Iowa St. comes out of no where to knock off Oklahoma St. and blows up the BCS. All of a sudden, a lot of games look interesting again and we’re ready for some ball. There is new hope in Oregon, Alabama, and Soonerville and only a few weeks left for the BCS Championship picture to play out. We’re still blown away but Iowa St, even after a night of sleep. The Cyclones out gained the Cowboys top ranked offense. That’s crazy. We’re just a couple hours away from the day starting with a tussle in the Big House and it ends with showdowns in Eugene, Waco, and Austin.

Last week we enjoyed another 3-5 week of picks as the slump reached four weeks. To add insult, the Hawkeyes got pounded and might be bowling in Detroit. That’s just fabulous. There’s still time to turn it around and it starts today. Here are this weeks “6 Pack O’ Picks”…

Clemson -7.5
Nebraska +3.5
Kansas St +7.5
Miami FL -1
USC/Oregon over 69
Boise St -17

And the 2 Homers, Mizzou and Iowa…
Iowa -1.5
Texas Tech +18

On a side note, how does Texas Tech go from being an explosive team, beating Oklahoma, to now, where they can’t fight out of a wet paper bag? And finally, did you hear that Iowa St. knocked off #2 Oklahoma St? Unbelievable!

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