Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pigskin Pix Week 8

We had a blast at the Iowa-Northwestern game last weekend. The Hawks were able to snap the losing streak to those pesky Wildcats. True to form, Northwestern wouldn’t quit and kept the game close. It was great seeing everybody again and we’ll try to sneak another trip up north. There were a lot of blowouts, it seemed and this week it seems like a lot teams are on bye weeks. However, there are a few intriguing matchups out there. LSU hosts Auburn and it will be interesting to see LSU without the Honey Badger this week. By the way, what is synthetic marijuana anyway? The day will end with what should be tightly contested Big 10 battle when Wisconsin invades Sparta.

Last week we had another 5-3 week to continue the winning trend. Our epic fail was picking Iowa St. That’s the last time. This week’s picks are just based on gut feelings. The boss is in the store today and I’m supposed to be helping with inventory. So anyway, here’s today’s 6 Pack O’ Pix …

Illinois -5
Kansas St -12
Wake Forest -4.5
Auburn +21
USC +9.5 (Dawg Special)
Wisconsin -8

And 2 Homers, Iowa and Mizzou for you new folks…
Indiana +23
Oklahoma St -8.5

Enjoy the games and don’t forgot to have a couple of your favorite frosty beverages!

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