Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pigskin Pix Week 7

There won’t be much hub bub this week as we are currently on a 5 hour road trip to Iowa City for the big night game between the Hawkeyes and Coach Fitzgerald’s Northwestern Wildcats. Maybe we’ll get some pictures, night games at Kinnick are pretty awesome. Last week we got back to our winning ways, going 5-3 and we hit with USC on Thursday night. Let the good times (continue to) roll. Here’s a peek at our 6 Pack o’ Pix and 2 Homers for this weekend, which we’ll call Road Warrior Weekend. Fourteen ranked teams are playing away from home…

Michigan +2.5
The battle between the Spartans and Wolverines feature two of the top 8 teams in scoring defense. DenardX’s run game ends up being the difference as Michigan ekes out a close win and takes control in the Legend’s Division.

Baylor +8.5
While Texas A&M continues to disappoint including their narrow win last week, RG3 continues to put up asinine numbers with 19 TDs to only 1 interception through five games. Add the fact that he’s facing one of the worst pass defenses in the nation. This was almost the Dawg Special but we got something better later.

Oklahoma St -7
The Cowboys come riding into Austin on the Weeden-Blackmon Express. The Longhorns won’t be able to score often enough to keep up with the Pokes.

Ohio St +3
The surprising Illini are off to a 6-0 record. Ohio St is looking at a third straight Big 10 loss. The Buckeyes have to many athletes and Illinois is due for a slip up.

Auburn +2
I know, this is the 3rd week in a row. Have I mentioned I think Chizik is a punk? Florida is done without Brantley at the helm.

Clemson -7.5
Really I have no reasoning on this one. I know Clemson has beaten 3 ranked teams and Maryland got shellacked by Temple so…no research is needed and that's the way I roll.

Up next and finally, the 2 Homers…
Iowa -6.5
Possibly am blinded by the Black n Gold here. Northwestern has won 3 straight games at Kinnick and 5 of the last 6 in the series. It’s a must win game, for both teams actually, and Kinnick is usually rocking for the night games. I guess they may be doing the stripes again as I’m in a gold shirt section.

Iowa St +15.5
The Dawg Special! It’s Mizzou’s homecoming and Columbia is ready to party. But come on folks, 15 ½ points. Iowa St isn’t very good, but neither are the Tigers. Well, actually Mizzou has only lost to teams that are now ranked and by 10 points or less in each game. Hmm, maybe the experts do know something. Not so fast my friends, Steele Jantz calls on the power of his cool name to bring the rains to Columbia.

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