Saturday, November 20, 2010

NCAA Week 12

So a couple of the "Big Boys" aren't playing this week. That's the beauty of gambling. Every game is a big game! It's the only reason a shit NFL game on a Sunday night can out draw a Worl Series game. Football is the ultimate gambling sport. And if you've been taking our advice, you got a little change in your pocket at this point in the year. Don't press yet, let those winnings build up and get ready for bowl season. Here's a few more picks to add to the winnings.

Nebraska -2 Nebraska has clearly scared a few people away with that bad loss against Texas and then not showing up against a couple lesser teams, but that happens in the course if a season with college kids. Add a big game and the stretch run going to the Big 12 Championship and I think you get Nebraskas best effort.

Virginia Tech -2 You can almost cut and paste what we just said about Nebraska to the Va Tech team. Obviously Va Tech fell off the radar screen early in the season, but they've been kicking ass since then. Consider this a statement game for Virginia Tech to beat Miami. There have been some great battles with bthese 2 schools and they seem to take it personal. But only 2 points? Let's go Va Tech!

Purdue +20.5 Here we go with the Big 10 part of our lesson. Purdue is just under the radar as a team on the rise and they've blown out a couple times but they seem to hang around in most games. I think Mich St wins, but 20.5 point just feels like too many.

Michigan +4 I actually think Michigan can pull this game off. Wisconsin on the road against a decent offensive team automatically says close game. That and I believe in Karma, and the bullshit run up the score act that Wisconsoin pulled last week has to be paid back. Not sure why the media seem to like coach Balemia but Big 10 fans think he's a dick and he showed why last week.

Ohio St -3 We actually took this game and put it on our board when the season began because the line was 3.5 and we thought it would be double figures by the time the game rolled around. Well it dropped a half and we have no idea why. But it would be just like Iowa to win the big game and leave us wondering how the fuck we lost to Northwestern. The season is technically a disappointment but a 4th loss makes it a major problem in a season when the Hawks were considered a dark horse for a National title. Need a big win here and a good bowl win to keep the Kirk Ferentz hype alive.

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