Saturday, November 13, 2010

NCAA Week 11

Another week, another interesting turn in the 2010 College football season. To be honest, this week doesn't offer up the big time match ups that we seem to be getting every week. And that's when something crazy always happens. Will it be Oregon over looking Cal and getting beat in a track meet type game, or does Auburn give into the pressure the Hundred and Eighty Thousand Dollar Man has brought upon them. Ice down The Beast Light and let's see.

Auburn -6.5 This line was 9 just a few days ago and has slowly gone down because folks thought Cam Newton may not play. He will, and he'll unleash a can of whoop ass on Georgia. I'm not even going to get into my thoughts on his situation, this is about winning the money and I'm telling you, Vegas handed one back to us this week. Take the Tigers.

Oregon -19.5 Look, I want to see one of these teams get upset to let TCU or Boise St into the dance, but until Oregon shows a sign of weakness how can you go against them? You can't. I'm actually surprised this line is this low. I know Cal scores a lot, but that just gives the ball back to the Ducks more often. They may score 100 points against the Bears.

Wisconsin -22 I hate to do this to poor old Indiana. They played pretty well last week against Iowa and deserved to win that game. Hard to get back up emotionally after that, and Camp Randall is not the place to get better. As an Iowa fan, I'm rooting hard for the Badgers to fuck up and put Iowa back in the drivers seat of the Big 10, but just can not envision it this week.

Ohio St -18 What can you say, this time of the year Ohio St quietly continues to beat the shit out of every one and suddenly they're near the top of the poles. Same old story. Penn St has a good D, but not enough to keep up or even make it close for that matter.

Northwestern +9.5 You have to truly love the Hawks to put up with this shit every year. Even in their best years lately, they struggle against Northwestern and that spread offense. You would thunk they would have learned their lesson last week, but trust me...they didn't.

Last week was another 3-2 week and the overall is up to 26-19. Not blowing it away but enough to give ya a little momma don't know money.

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