Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Introducing the Hawkeye Dirt Tour

A new racing series for modified drivers is coming to Iowa this summer. Well, it’s not really coming to Iowa, as it is a newly formed series based in Iowa. The Hawkeye Dirt Tour has come into existence and the inaugural season is this summer. The series has put together a 10 race season that visits nine different tracks across the Hawkeye state. The host track’s support classes will be run at the events. The series has plans to expand in the future to add visits to more tracks. According to their website,, the Hawkeye Dirt Tour currently has 34 drivers committed to running some of the events and some of the state’s top modified wheelmen are included. Hopefully some additional names are added. We’d also like to see “The A-Train” Al Hejna, Kelly Shryock, and “Triple Nickel” Ryan Ruter showcase their talents at these events. The Hawkeye Dirt Tour should provide some great racing action and you definitely see us at a few of the shows. Here’s an interesting side note for those of you from around the Cedar Valley, Bucky Doren is involved in this endeavor. You might remember him as a DJ on the Hog 98.5 FM back in the 90’s.

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