Monday, April 26, 2010

Dale Sveum: You What?

We were watching the Cubs-Brewers game on WGN last night and I heard the name Dale Sveum. The last thing I remember about Sveum, he broke his leg in a collision with another player and it pretty much ended any impact on the game that he might have. What’s Dale up to now? I’m sorry I asked. He is entering his second season as the hitting coach for the Milwaukee Brewers. Let me repeat that. Sveum is the hitting coach for the Brewers. He is supposed to teach the art of hitting to others. He is responsible for helping players make adjustments so they become better hitters. Why am I so astonished? Over a career that lasted 12 seasons, Sveum had a batting average of .236. That’s not very good. Let’s add another whooping fact; Sveum has more career strikeouts (656) than hits (597). So the Brewers are paying Dale Sveum to mold their young nucleus of potential superstars, namely Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun. All things aren’t looking down, though; Sveum’s nickname is “Nuts” and apparently he knows what he’s doing. Through the opening 16 games of the season the Brewers are third in the Major Leagues in batting average at .285 and forth in on base percentage at .366.

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  1. I was just thinking...this makes the Cardinals hire of Mark McGwire seem genius. Why are the good hitters not hired as hitting coaches? Other than McGwire, Don Mattingly is the only other good hitter I can think of who is hitting coach. I get hiring cathers as mangers becaus ethey really learn nthe game more than other players. But why aren't Tony Gwynn (I know he coaches San Diego St), Wade Boggs and Cal Ripken teaching hitting to major laeguers. Is Wade making enough money of that Hair Club for Men ad that he couldn't use the job? Here's a stat to look up....the career stats for all the hitting coaches. Home runs are going to be skewed by McGuire, but the batting avg and OBPS would be interesting.