Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Championship Week (Pt 1)

Well, well boys and girls. Here it is. Championship Week, at least the college football version. The season comes down to this last chance to fight your way into the BCS Bowl Games. There are enough meaningful games spread out over the day, that Saturday is a great day to sit on the sofa, order a pizza, and drink lots of beer. And on Sunday you can debate with your friends why Iowa doesn't deserve to play in the Fiesta Bowl or how TCU got hosed. But first, here are the latest theSportStew rankings...

1. Texas (2) 990
2. Alabama 963
3. Florida 959
4. TCU 876
5. Cincinnati 834
6. Boise St 781
7. Oregon 765
8. Ohio St 717
9. Ga Tech 702
10. Iowa 688

Championship Week starts on Tonight with the battle for the Pac-10 crown. I'm not sure who to thank, but I'm so happy USC isn't in this. Pete Carrol whines for a week about Stanford running up the score, and them he breaks one off in Neuheisel and the Bruins. Part of me thought it was funny, but because it was USC, it became a dick move. The Oregon St Beavers travel to the unfriendly confines of Autzen Stadium to fight the Ducks. Hopefully Oregon will pull out those retro uniforms again. The winner faces Ohio St in the Rose Bowl. This game looks like another classic Pac-10 shootout with points flying. Oregon is favored by 9 1/2 points in the "Civil War" but our 6 year old prognosticator says that he thinks Beavers are cooler than Ducks. Good point buddy. Prediction Oregon 38, Oregon St. 32

Friday night has the MAC Championship game. The game is held in Ford Field with the conference champion gaining a berth in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, formerly the Motor City Bowl. It's kinda odd but the champions can decline this bowl and accept a different bid. It happened last year when Buffalo went closer to home. The 9-3 Ohio Bobcats will try to stop the 10-2 Chippewas of Central Michigan. Central Michigan is led by QB Dan LeFevour and that is really all you need to know. He has thrown 25 touchdowns this season and added 14 on the ground. Buddy, remember he's only 6, doesn't know what a Chippewa is but thinks their name is funny and I have to agree. Central Michigan covers the 13 point spread by a landslide. Prediction Central Michigan 45, Ohio 17

Now lets get a laugh at Notre Dame's expense. I guess coaching the Golden Domers isn't such a great job. You're top candidates are dropping like flies. Urban Meyer. You think he's stupid? I think he likes winning titles where it's warm. Bobby Stoops. He would be a good fit. A whiny cry baby leading a disgraced program. He might even be able to complain the Irish into a a bowl game they don't deserve. He does it every other year. Gary Patterson. He just signed an extension to remain at TCU. Kirk Ferentz. His coaching style doesn't have enough flash and he tends to recruit troublemakers. The list of arrests the last few years is three pages long according to Iowa City police. He's the highest paid state employee and his kids attend Iowa. Brian Kelly. He is on the verge of winning the Big East for the second year in a row. He is under contract but I think he's the most likely to stiff their current school. Jim Harbaugh. Nope, remember Ty Willingham? So do the Irish. That leaves Chris Petersen as the new coach of the Fighting Irish. Boise St has run rampant over the WAC since he's been there and this would be a significant challenge. He runs an exciting offense. The last time Notre Dame was searching, they snoozed on another small school coach, Meyer, and we know how that turned out.

Another minor fact that makes Notre Dame a target for ridicule. They are trying to decide if they want to accept a bid to a lesser bowl. Isn't college about the kids? Don't the fans want one last chance to see Clausen fire a score to Tate? Lets face it, they are both gone, moving to the Sunday stage. You stuck up snobs realize that the rest of the world wants to see another Notre Dame ass kicking this season and you know it will happen. So take the easy road Notre Dame, don't "tarnish" your image any more, call it a season.

Saturday's big games will be visited in Part 2 coming Friday.

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