Friday, September 30, 2011

College Pigskin Pix Week 5

Seriously is there any doubt that college football is awesome. LSU looked dominant again and was rewarded with the #1 ranking. The Oklahoma St/Texas A&M game was just crazy. Mizzou gave Oklahoma a scare, for a while anyway. This Saturday ends with two monster showdowns. Alabama and Florida tangle and Nebraska gets its first taste of Big 10 conference play at Wisconsin. Camp Randall is gonna be freakin nuts. A note to Husker fans road tripping to the game, take lots of beer because they quit selling booze at 9pm on Saturday. At least they did a couple years ago when I visited for a Hawkeye game.

We had a stellar week as we went 6-2 on our picks. Missouri and USC were our losers. I’m really proud of last week’s Dawg Special, Temple. They beat Maryland 38-7. Nice call on that one. Here’s our picks for this weekend, enjoy the games and enjoy a few of your favorite brews…

Boise St -27
Nevada ruined Boise’s potential title game and with the Wolfpack losing most of their stars to graduation, it’s payback time this year.

Baylor -3.5
You can’t stop RG3. That dude is a monster. In 3 games, almost 1000 yards passing, 13 TDs, and only 12 incompletions.

Georgia Tech -10
The Yellow Jackets are in deep trouble if they have to pass, because they can’t. They won’t have to worry about that this week, as NC St can’t stop the run.

Auburn +10.5
In the Battle of Coaches I Can’t Stand, I dislike Spurrier more.

Notre Dame -12
Notre Dame has many issues but Purdue lost to Rice and had to comeback to beat Middle Tennessee St.

Nebraska +9.5
The Dawg Special. It’s Wilson vs. Martinez. 10 points is a lot. Either team could win this but I think the Badgers are a more complete team. Bucky wins in a close one.

With Iowa and Mizzou off this week we have to take an NFL homer…
Vikings -3
The Chiefs are a MASH unit and they struggle to stop the run. Peterson carries 100 times this week and Vikes get their 1st win.

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