Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Gambling Gameplan

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. You’re a few hours from game time. Your team isn’t playing so you really don’t care who wins. How do you keep interest in the times between the new commercials, which you know a couple will be instant classics? I’m in this boat. Being a Bears fan, I despise the Packers and my dislike of Roethlisberger sours me on the Steelers. So what should I do? Well, the answer is gambling. The Super Bowl has a plethora of prop bets to keep you interested in the game. You can wager on the number of punts, who scores a touchdown, or the longest field goal to name a few. After committing way too much time to the cause, I have come up with a game plan. I narrowed the props down to ten that are spread out over the game. My plan is to take these ten bets and, win or lose, have some fun. Here are the prop bets I like and their odds…

Coin toss = Heads -101
1st score of the game = Any other score (no TD) +140
1st turnover of the game = Interception -140
Will game be tied after 0-0 = Yes +110
Will either team score 3 times in row = No +150
Shortest TD of game = Over 1.5 +105
Last score of the game = Any other score (no TD) +160
Number of different players to attempt a pass = Over 2.5 +180
Team with most penalty yards = Steelers -155
Will team that scores 1st win = No +140

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