Saturday, January 22, 2011

NFL Championship Game Picks

We have 4 teams left in this game of musical chairs. Who's going to punch their tickets for Super Bowl XLV in Dallas? Well, let me tell you.

Lets start in the AFC where the Rex Ryan's visit Pittsburgh. As entertaining as Ryan is, he sure can be a jackass. The Jets have really stepped up the past two weeks and knocked out two of the top quarterbacks in the game with their upset wins over the Colts and Patriots. Can the defense continue? Can you underdog pull off three in a row? I'm not sure if the Jets can get up for this one. After two weeks of "We hate these guys" and tons of trash talk, the Jets are actually showing the Steelers respect. Speaking of the Steelers, Big Ben's face has packed on a ton of weight. Reminds me of how Barry Bonds' head grew to enormous proportions. Not that I'm implying anything. The Steelers' defense is loaded also and leads the league in fines. That's definitely gonna help. The defenses will cancel each other out in this matchup and the Steelers have a better and more balanced offense. Look for the Steel Curtain to force some turnovers by Sanchez and the Steelers should be able to control the clock with their running game. Pittsburgh is favored by 3.5 point, take them to cover.

That brings us to the NFC. A legendary battle between the Packers and the Bears. This is another matchup of some great defenses and talented quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler. Ha ha, I just called Cutler a talented quarterback. Cutler is also an inconsistent, whiny crybaby. When comparing these teams, the defenses stand out on both. Clay Matthews is awesome and someone I would love to drink beers with. The guy doesn't quit. The Bears will need Forte and the rushing game to help control the clock and help take the pressure off of Cutler. The Bears get the nod on special teams too. In the end, Cutler folds like a lawn chair and makes the game deciding mistake. It kills me, but the Pack wins by 10, covers, and makes reservations in Dallas.

Enjoy the games, the beers, and the tailgate food!

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