Friday, August 7, 2009

UFC 101 Predictions

Here is theSportStew's predictions for this weekends UFC 101: Declaration and some bonus picks from WEC: Torres vs Bowles on Sunday.. It should be known that the tiebreaker in determining the battle is the weight in pictures. It's amazing what you can learn from a couple of pictures.

Lenox over Villafort by TKO
Sotiropoulos over Roop by Choke
Riddle dec. Cramer
Leites over Sakara by Choke SAKARA
Howard over McCrory TKO

Nelson over Riley TKO RILEY
Neer over Pellegrino by Choke PELLEGRINO
Grove over Almeida by Arm Bar ALMEIDA
Sadollah over Hendricks by Choke HENDRICKS
Silva over Griffin by TKO
Florian over Penn by Split Dec. PENN

Bonus Picks WEC Torres vs Bowles
Mizugaki over Curran by Unanimus Dec
Benavidez over Cruz by TKO CRUZ
Torres over Bowles by Choke BOWLES

Enjoy the fights and have a great weekend!!

Wow, we suck at this. Not sure what the hell was up with Griffin. After watching MMA this weekend, here are some new predictions. Brian Bowles, Mike Brown, GSP, and Anderson Silva are by far the best in the world at their weight classes and it will be awhile before any of them lose the belts.

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